Why is NYC Flooded with Anti-Kyle Protesters

    Well, at time of writing, there is no riot yet in Kenosha.

    However, the blacks are rioting in New York City, and calling for the murder of cops – in response to Kyle Rittenhouse being declared not guilty.

    This entire race war is really nonsensical.

    It is just 100% manufactured, and no place has that ever been more obvious than in this place.

    Kyle killed two “white” people, and shot a third. Actually, at least two of them were Jews.

    So then the Jews just go out and tell these blacks that he killed black people.

    Literally – these people are out there saying he killed three blacks.

    The media categorized it as a “racial injustice” story.

    They know that blacks are too stupid to know what is even going on. They purposefully confused these blacks, and incited them to hatred.

    Glenn Greenwald showed that all of the big news outlets in Brazil were reporting that the people Kyle shot were black.

    The Dutch as well.

    The Jews who control the media understand that they can shape a narrative, cause people to believe something different than what happened, without actually saying it outright. They did say over and over that Kyle is a “white supremacist” who “murdered innocent people,” but they never actually said he murdered black people.

    But the general idea that the overwhelming majority of blacks hold, as well as huge numbers of white liberals and women, is that Kyle went to a black protest and then just started opening fire on a crowd.

    The courts let him go because they are run by white supremacists who hate black people.

    It’s just all so utterly nonsensical – the exact opposite is true. Whites are the most oppressed class, and they almost put this white kid in prison for defending himself after he was attacked by violent criminals, including a gay who sodomized five boys aged 9 to 11.

    The other Jew was pulling a gun on him, and should have been charged for attempted murder. Instead, he’s been presented as a victim, and praised as a hero.

    The facts just simply do not matter at all, given the clamp-like control that Jews have over the media.

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