Vogue magazine: Jen Psaki Gets the celebrity Treatment unlike Kayleigh McEnany

    Vogue magazine, which refused to profile First Lady (and former supermodel) Melania Trump throughout four years of Donald Trump’s presidency, published a lavish puff piece on President Joe Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, Monday.

    The profile features glamour shots by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz, and hard-hitting journalism by Lizzie Widdicombe, who notes that Psaki doesn’t “want to be the center of attention” and takes makeup advice from CNN.

    Vogue gushes that Psaki has evoked “a collective swoon from roughly half the country,” and opines that she is better than predecessors such as Harvard Law School graduate Kayleigh McEnany, who faced a far more hostile press.

    Widdicombe also notes that former Barack Obama political aide David Axelrod considers her “the best press secretary in his lifetime,” though Obama passed her up for Jay Carney and Josh Earnest (she was “devastated,” Vogue notes).

    Vogue credits Psaki with being “good at mending fences,” carefully “healing” the country — though that has not stopped Psaki from defending her boss’s use of the term “Jim Crow” to describe Republicans and the Senate filibuster.

    The magazine also notes that Psaki resents being called “nice,” considering it a “sexist” and “diminishing” term.

    The magazine featured First Lady Dr. Jill Biden on the cover of its August issue. In related news, climate change activist Greta Thunberg is featured on the first cover of Vogue‘s Scandinavian issue: “The Wonder of Greta Thunberg.”

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