Twitter Punishes singer Richard Marx for inciting violence against Senator Rand Paul 

    The left are some of the most violent and emotionally unstable people on the planet. Every day, I am amazed at how sick and twisted these people are. It’s as if they can’t control their crazy emotions. Remember when the left had everyone fooled and sold themselves as these amazing and loving people?

    Well, that fake facade has been blown to smithereens. And the left keeps blowing it up, even more, every day. Look at what washed-up 80s singer Richard Marx just did. Marx took to Twitter where he incited violence against Senator Rand Paul, who’s been receiving a lot of death threats lately after he outed and destroyed Dr. Fauci.

    He was even sent some “white powdery” substance in the mail.

    Here’s what Marx said about Rand Paul. The first tweet is from January, and the other one (on top) is from a day ago.

    This man is sick and needs mental help.

    Here were some of the comments about Richard’s tweet:

    Richard Marx tweeted that he wants to reward the person that assaulted US Senator, Rand Paul. I say Richard Marx should be suspended from social media for inciting violence. Who will say the same?’”

    Richard Marx incited violence against Rand Paul.”

    Richard Marx should be charged with inciting violence!”

    “Why is Richard Marx allowed to incite violence against a sitting US senator and Twitter does nothing?”

    “I wish Rand Paul’s neighbor would attack Richard Marx’s music catalog”

    Well, the good news is, Twitter finally did something. They punished Marx. He had to remove the tweet.

    Marx hasn’t tweeted in several hours.

    So, it’s likely that he was suspended for some length of time for that tweet because Richard appears to have no life, and bully-tweets all day long, so his “absence” does seem suspicious.

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