Trump Supporter Morphs Biden and Bush Together to Create Warmonger “Joe W. Bush” 

    It really feels like the US is pushing hard for “war” in Ukraine.

    It’s starting to feel like all those climate change warnings we get, where we’re told over and over that “the end is near,” yet the end never comes.

    We’ve been told by Team Biden that war in Ukraine is imminent for weeks now.

    At one point, both Russia and Ukraine told Joe to put a sock in it and stop pouring fuel on a fire that was not even burning.

    Of course, after Joe sent Ukraine a few billion bucks, they suddenly changed their tune and started parroting Joe’s narrative.

    Funny how that works, right? 

    Joe wants a war, or the “illusion of war” to pump up his polls.

    But, if you ask me, he’s reading the American people all wrong.

    We’ve moved on from the “Bush-era” rah/rah “war” stuff. That’s 90s/00 type politics, and Joe and his team are stuck in it and we’ve all left that nonsense and propaganda far behind.

    You can’t spread “democracy” abroad when you are treating your own citizens like crap. Our border is wide open, inflation is soaring, mandates are choking everyone, and the list goes on and on.

    I am sorry, but I don’t give a rip about Ukraine’s issues, I am focused on the disaster we’ve got going on here and I am not willing to make “sacrifices” and go through “pain” for the Ukraine people.

    Enough is enough. 

    That’s why when I saw this video clip from a very creative Trump supporter who used a clip from Joe’s presser today and morphed Biden and Bush together, I just had to share it with you.

    Meet the perfect bipartisan globalist warmonger… Joe W. Bush.

    You can watch the video below:

    Here’s what people online had to say:

    “both the worst presidents of 21st century”

    “Dumb ass Ukraine is not part of NATO”

    “This combo looks closer to the real one then the current Biden avatar.”

    “Ukraine is not in NATO, and it isn’t likely to be so any time soon. So what is your point?”

    “What about the US borders???? A-hole”

    “he thinks Ukraine is a nato country…he’s so pathetic!!!”

    “Thank you for always making us laugh through this time …It’s truly appreciated”

    What a perfect blend, right?

    We all know that Bush is all-in with the Dems, so I think even he would approve.

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