Tiger Woods Had Unlabeled Pill Bottle in Car, was Combative with Officers After Crash

    According to a police report of the investigation into Tiger Woods’ February 23 wreck, officers found him somewhat combative during questioning. Officers also said they found an unlabeled pill bottle in the wrecked vehicle.

    The report collected by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department noted that an “empty plastic pharmaceutical container” was found in a backpack found in the bushes outside the car after the accident.

    “The container had no label, and there was no indication as to what, if anything, had been inside,” the report says, according to TMZ.

    Officials noted that surveillance video showed Woods toting a similar backpack at the five-star Terranea Resort on the morning of the accident.

    However, the report also says that investigators did not find any drugs or alcohol in the car or crash scene.

    Still, the 45-year-old golf great was reportedly combative with the EMTs who arrived at the scene to treat him after the wreck. He was reported as “somewhat combative” and disoriented as he sat bloodied in the driver’s seat of his vehicle.

    “Captain Levesque told me that [Woods] was somewhat combative when they were trying to treat him on scene,” the officer who made the report wrote.

    Woods’ blood pressure was also too low from the shock of the crash to be administered any pain medications, the report says.

    “[Los Angeles Fire Captain Matt] Levesque stated everything that he observed related to [Woods’] vital signs and combativeness was consistent with the type of traumatic injury,” the report states.

    The L.A. Sheriffs have taken some criticism for not performing a sobriety test or taking blood from Woods immediately after the crash, not to mention for quickly announcing that no charges would be filed.

    This week, officials said that data and crime scene evidence found that Woods’ vehicle was driving at 83 MPH, about twice the speed limit, before wrecking. It also appears that Woods never hit the brakes before the wreck.

    Authorities say that no charges will be leveled at the five-time Masters’ tournament champion because there weren’t any witnesses and no one else was injured.

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