Ted Cruz:Dems Want To Cancel Christmas For Everyone!

    Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is getting into the holiday season delivering the staggering truth of how Democrats of being racist and attempting to kill Christmas.

    “It really is astonishing that Bing Crosby is now contentious,” Cruz remarked of the singer’s song “White Christmas” on the newest episode of his podcast, Verdict with Ted Cruz. “It really is remarkable that Bing Crosby is now problematic,” Cruz added regarding the song’s lyrics. It’s a White Christmas, so of course the dread of it is that it’s white because freakin’ snow is white! It has nothing to do with race! “It’s when you freeze water and it condenses in the air, resulting in the formation of snowflakes,” Cruz said. There is no blue, no pink, and no purple in this color. It’s simply that it’s a bright white color. “Who knew snow could have racist overtones?” you may wonder.

    Cruz then made fun of the skin hue of a fictitious Christmas figure, which he described as “disgusting.” The Grinch’s color is unfair, Cruz said. “By the way, I just want to point you that the Grinch is green right now,” Cruz added. “What about the environmentalists?” “What is it that they have against environmentalists?”

    Cruz went on to add that people attempting to abolish Christmas because of racial overtones are, in reality, the ones who are racists themselves.

    In Cruz’s words, “the unfortunate fact is that liberals have always been racist.” “They’ve always been proponents of racial prejudice.” “Black Lives Matter is a racist group,” says the author.

    Cruz concluded his Christmas-themed podcast by criticizing Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates for making charitable contributions to Black Lives Matter.

    According to Cruz, “Black Lives Matter was established by openly professed communists and is sponsored by woke companies.” It is important to note that Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are not Black men, and that they are essentially sponsoring a group that is urging people to boycott their own company. Because of this, Jeff Bezos is donating money to a charity that encourages people to “don’t purchase your Christmas gifts on Amazon.” Asinine is the awakened consciousness in its current state.”

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