Ted Cruz Violates Quarantine For Desperate Photo-Op

    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is supposed to quarantining after his trip to Cancun, but he is violating quarantine to stage desperate photo-ops.

    Cruz tweeted:

    Here is what the CDC says Cruz is supposed to be doing:

    – Get tested with a viral test 3-5 days after travel AND stay home and self-quarantine for a full 7 days after travel.

    – Even if you test negative, stay home and self-quarantine for the full 7 days.

    – If your test is positive, isolate yourself to protect others from getting infected.

    – If you don’t get tested, stay home and self-quarantine for 10 days after travel.

    –Avoid being around people who are at increased risk for severe illness for 14 days, whether you get tested or not.

    It is unknown if Cruz got tested when he came home from Mexico, but he is supposed to be in quartine. It doesn’t matter if Cruz has been vaccinated. He is ignoring public health guidelines because his White House ambitions are virtually dead.

    Ted Cruz is happy to potentially jeopardize the lives of his constituents for some photos that make it look like he cares.

    Cruz has been piling bad decisions on top of each other and showing that he doesn’t belong in the Senate, much less the White House.

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