Sunny Hostin’s 33-Second Comment is So Wildly Outlandish, It Makes CNN Look “Professional”

    “The View” is a stupid show.

    Seriously, their combined knowledge of politics would fit on a teaspoon, and there’d still be room left over.

    It’s the type of show that actually makes CNN look “professional.”


    I used to cover them more when Meghan McCain was on there because at least it was somewhat interesting from a constant “catfight” perspective.

    Now, I hardly even remember they’re on the air.

    But today, something that happened on “The View” actually caught my attention.

    Sunny Hostin, who just gets more and more “radical” every time I see her, went completely off the rails today. It was great. In 33-seconds, Sonny proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that “The View” is the dumbest show on television, and she’s a clueless ninny.

    Yep, all in 33-seconds. Impressive right?

    Here’s what Sunny said: “Democrats and Republicans are farther apart ideologically today than at any time in the past 50 years, and that ideological divide breaks down to the Republican party being an extremist party, and the Democratic Party actually … moving more to the center.”


    Defunding the police, 67 genders, grooming 2nd graders, men having babies, women “shouting out” their abortions, city officials allowing mass shop-lifting, Draconian COVID restrictions, and calling everyone you don’t agree with “Literally Hitler” is hardly what I’d call “center.”

    Sunny is smoking crack with Hunter Biden again.

    Yes, because nothing says “moving to the center” quite like this:

    These people are so out of it… Sunny’s walking around in a stupid stupor.

    People like her are so clueless and unaware of how they’re perceived by most Americans — but that’s very typical for the elite class.

    They just have no bloody clue how much they’re disliked, mocked, and disrespected.

    But trust me, it will eventually dawn on them… The truth always comes out.

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