Secret Service Source Dishes Dirt On All Those Biden’s Trips Home to Delaware

    The Handlers should’ve installed Joe Biden as the Governor of Delaware since he’s there so much.

    And truthfully, he’d have done a lot less damage to just one state versus the 50 he’s destroyed thus far with his inflation, soaring gas prices, crime, and our wide-open border.

    Joe is worried sick about Ukraine’s border, but he doesn’t care less what happens to his own… just another reason Americans are so frustrated with this confused old buzzard.

    But one thing Joe isn’t confused about is all those trips back home to Delaware.

    What’s with all the trips back home?

    Well, we’re now getting some “insider scoop” from the Secret Service about those endless trips back home and it’s very interesting.

    Washington Examiner reported that Ronald Kessler, the journalist and unofficial historian of the Secret Service who recently revealed the embarrassment women agents feel when Joe Biden swims naked, tells us the president is obsessed with his Delaware home.

    “What I hear from inside the White House is that Biden’s preoccupation continues to be going back to Wilmington,” said the author of In the President’s Secret Service: Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect.

    “When he comes back on Monday mornings, the first thing he wants to know is when he will be able to return to Wilmington,” he said. “The assessment of the Secret Service agents on his detail was that he is simply lazy, focused above all else on playing golf and leaving Washington to return to his home in Wilmington!”

    I don’t think it’s that Joe is “lazy.”

    That’s too easy, although he is old, and doesn’t appear to have much real pep in his step.

    But I think Joe longs to be home because people with Alzheimer’s and dementia, like to be in “comfortable places” they’re familiar with and where they feel safe.

    Even though Joe seems long gone “brain-wise,” I think he still realizes he’s in way over his fuzzy white head.

    I also think he gets medical treatment back home… This way he doesn’t have to release his visitor logs to the public.

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