Schumer Tells McConnell He’s Powerless To A Stop Vote On Expanded Background Checks

    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that the Senate will vote on expanding background checks for gun purchases because Mitch McConnell can no longer stop the bill.

    Majority Leader Schumer said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

    Passing commonsense gun safety legislation has been a top priority of mine for as long as I’ve been in Congress. In the 25 years since I helped write the Brady Bill, Congress has not passed an overhaul of our background check system. That is why I am so proud to see the House pass this critical legislation that will take the long-overdue step of closing dangerous loopholes in the existing background check system to help keep all of our communities safe.

    For years, Republican Leader Mitch McConnell let the incredibly popular background checks legislation languish in the Senate without a vote. Now, with Democrats in the Majority, the Senate will finally have the opportunity to act on this critical issue. When I bring commonsense gun safety legislation to the Senate floor, my Republican colleagues should support it.

    The bill passed the House 227-2i03 with eight Republicans joining Democrats to support the bill. Only one Democrat voted against it.

    Universal background checks have been supported by more than 90% of Americans for years, but it is difficult to see ten Senate Republicans breaking with their party to support the bill. Republicans who support background checks are going to complain that the bill goes too far, and the rest of the caucus will scream socialism and Second Amendment while voting no.

    Majority Leader Schumer is right. Mitch McConnell is powerless to stop the bill. Senate Republicans will finally be on the record as opposing a measure that more than 90% of Americans want.

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