San Francisco: Mayor London Breed To Pay Fines For Ethics Violations while in office

    San Francisco Mayor London Breed will personally pay $22,792 in fines imposed by the city’s Ethics Commission for violating ethics standards while in office, according to various reports.

    London Breed agreed to pay the fines imposed by the Ethics Commission, calling them “fair,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported. The commission said the fines were “significant,” as Breed had misused her mayoral title for her personal benefit.

    The Ethics Commission fined Breed for several violations, including asking then-California Gov. Jerry Brown in October 2018 to release her brother Napoleon Brown from prison, where he was serving a 44-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter and armed robbery, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Breed and family members sent the letter to Brown in October 2018, asking for the release of her brother for crimes for which she said he had faced excessive punishment.

    She also let the former head of San Francisco Public Works Mohammed Nuru pay for her car repairs, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. The commission said Breed violated laws that prohibit accepting gifts from subordinates.

    In 2015, Breed wanted to have a float for the city’s Pride Parade to help with her re-election efforts as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. She asked two restaurateurs to each pay $1,250 directly to the float manufacturer, which the commission said exceeded the $500 campaign contribution limit and was not properly disclosed, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

    “There were mistakes made,” Breed said at a news conference Tuesday, KTVU reported. “I take full responsibility for those mistakes and I’ve learned a lot since becoming mayor and being in office. At no time have any of the things related to the stipulation had any impact on my decisions as mayor.”

    Breed said she will pay the fine personally if it is approved on Aug. 13 at the Ethics Commission’s next meeting, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

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