RNC chief: Biden has ‘no interest’ in fixing crises he’s created

    Ronna McDaniel, recently re-elected as chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, says Joe Biden will be gone following the 2024 election.

    Because under his leadership, Americans are poorer and less safe.

    In a commentary at Fox News, she explained Biden “must be living in a different reality than the Americans he claims to represent.”

    “Here’s the truth,” she said, reacting to Biden’s self-congratulatory State of the Union this week. “This country is hurting, and it’s because Biden has been an abject failure as president. No amount of spin can conceal the facts.”

    She noted, “Under Biden’s failed leadership, Americans are poorer and less safe. Our southern border is wide open, and deadly drugs are pouring into our communities. Our children are still suffering the devastating effects of Democrat-led school lockdowns.”

    He, however, has “no interest” in fixing the crises he’s created.

    “Biden tried to paint a rosy picture of the economy, but Americans from coast-to-coast see right through his dishonesty. According to a new ABC News poll, a record number of people say they are financially worse off under Biden. And according to a recent CBS News poll, 76% of Americans are concerned about inflation, and 61% of Americans rate the economy as ‘bad,’” she explained.

    She continued, “The numbers don’t lie: Since Biden took office, real wages, incomes and savings are all down across the board. Americans have lost $9,300 on average paying for the increased cost of living since Biden took office. Biden’s economy is leaving folks behind, and no canned applause line can ease the pain that families are feeling on a daily basis.”

    Further, there’s his crisis with an invasion of illegal aliens at the southern border, drug cartels expanding their reach, skyrocketing inflation, high energy prices, his plans for new taxes, and other issues.

    “When it comes to crises that have occurred on his watch, he either ignored them completely or misrepresented the situation. He mentioned COVID-19, but failed to mention that our kids are suffering devastating long-term effects from Democrat-led school lockdowns that his administration worked with far-left teachers unions to uphold,” she said.

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