Rand Paul Melts Down And Threatens Baseball, Coca-Cola, and Delta In Less Than 2 Minutes

    Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) went on Fox News and melted down as he threatened Major League Baseball, Delta, and Coca-Cola for not supporting Jim Crow voter suppression.


    Paul said:

    Well, does baseball, the nation’s past time want to be the past time for Democrats? Does Coca-Cola only want to sell coke to Democrats? Does delta only want to fly Democrats? They’ve taken a hugely partisan look at this voting law that actually expands access to voting. It does some things to absentee voting but expands the early voting. There’s more early voting in Georgia than Denver. So what kind of logic or what kind of rule or standard are they using to judge which states we’re going to play baseball in?

    The way they’re treating a Republican-passed bill and the way they’re treating Republicans tells me that Coca-Cola doesn’t want Republicans to drink their products and Delta doesn’t want products on their plane and Major League Baseball doesn’t want Republicans in their stadiums. If so, they’re foolish to anger half of the public to become so woke.

    In the end, they’re all going to regret this. Stacey Abrams is backtracking and saying I didn’t realize it would cost my state $100 million. Losing the major league all-star game cost Georgia $100 million. Stacey Abrams is now responsible for that. Can you imagine that she wants to represent a state that she cost $100 million contract because of lunacy about the election law that was passed?

    Republicans don’t get it. The percentage of people who support voting rights vastly outweigh the Republicans who want to take the vote away from minorities. Companies that support the new Jim Crow will lose more customers than they will gain by keeping Republicans.

    Delta, Coca-Cola, and Major League Baseball are going to come out ahead in this fight because they are on the right side of both public opinion and history.

    Rand Paul sounded like he was throwing a tantrum, and his argument increasingly got more desperate. Paul seems to think that America is just Democrats and Trumpers, but there are millions and millions of Independents and non-Trump Republicans.

    Sen. Paul melted down because the standard Republican fit isn’t working. Democracy is winning, and Republicans are already paying for their racist efforts to steal future elections.

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