Rachel Maddow Is Joe Manchin’s Worst Nightmare As She Takes Apart His Opposition To The For The People Act

    Rachel Maddow exposed the logical flaw in Sen. Manchin’s demand for ten Senate Republicans to support S 1 while the GOP is destroying voting rights.


    Maddow said:

    For Senate Democrats, part of the answer to that question is S 1, the For The People Act. That bill has 49 co-sponsors in the senate. 49 out of 50 democratic senators have co-sponsored it. The one Democrat who hasn’t is senator Joe Manchin. He is the only Democratic senator who hasn’t signed on his name in support.

    He does not want to sign on to support this sweeping voting-rights bill that will afford federal protection to voting rights. He doesn’t want to sign on to it unless a bunch of Republicans vote for it, too. This kind of bill that protects people’s right to vote. Makes sure that every vote counts. That’s only a value to him, unless a significant number of Republicans in the United States Senate agree to vote for it, as well. Just to really spell that out. What Senator Manchin wants is to find at least ten Republican senators to vote for a bill that protects voting rights. Ten senators, from the party that’s trying to institutionalize the right to overturn free-and-fair elections if a Republican doesn’t win them.

    The Republican Party is trying to set voting rights back in the United States at least 60 years. There is no way that Republicans will vote for a serious bill that expands voting rights. Manchin has to know this, which makes his political endgame more about his own political survival than bipartisanship.

    The Senator from West Virginia’s position is that unless ten Senate Republicans support it, there can be nothing done about the GOP’s campaign to rig future elections.
    Rachel Maddow is exposing Joe Manchin‘s bipartisan charade to reveal a senator who is afraid to take a tough vote and explain it to the people of his state.

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