President Biden Vows Major Plans Around Child Care and Education in the First Congress Speech

    In his first address to Congress, months after taking on the presidential responsibilities, President Biden pleaded major steps aimed at evolving child care and education.

    Besides, he didn’t forget to mention the growling police brutality against the Black members of the society and emphasized cooperating with the lawmakers to bring up encouraging police reforms.

    Delving into the details of the president’s affirmations, the administration is expected to push worth $1.8 trillion plan. Out of the total value, an impressive $1 trillion is to be spent on education and child care over 10 years of age, and 800 billion to go cover tax credits involving middle and low-income families.

    According to Biden, this is one a generation prime investment in ensuring a fortune future of the Americans. The money to fund this massive program is to emerge from the president’s latest exceptional tax plan, particularly concerning for rich Americans, which according to the executive order is to honor the work, not wealth. 

    However, the latest welfare plan envisages that “reinvest in the future of the American economy and American workers, and will help us out-compete China and other countries around the world.”

    Here, it is important to recall that the President’s infrastructure proposal is already at odds with the Republicans, who don’t seem convinced to approve it given its tremendous value. Let’s see if Biden succeeds in bringing the Republicans in line with his plans. 

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