Pennsylvania Supreme Court Just Handed Republicans Their Biggest Win Yet, Days Before Midterms

    Well, if Dems had any plans of cheating in PA, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court just made it a lot harder for them. The Republicans scored a massive win against these unconstitutional cheat-crazy mail-in ballots. And what the Supreme Court just ruled, actually proves that President Trump was right all along, and he should have won PA, and likely every other state he supposedly “lost.” But for now, let’s focus on the midterms, because this is such good news for us, and now, we should win in PA with ease… but even so, we gotta keep our eyes on those slippery Dems at all times.

    Here’s what Reuters said about the ruling:

    Nov 1 (Reuters) – Pennsylvania’s highest court on Tuesday ordered officials to disallow mail-in ballots with the wrong date marked on the envelope, potentially throwing out numerous votes in close races that could determine control of the U.S. Congress in elections next week.

    The ruling is a win for Republicans, who filed the case and who have been fighting to eliminate ballots with incorrect information on them in an effort they say is meant to ensure election security. Democrats say the lawsuits are really efforts to disallow votes and could sway tight races.

    In its short ruling, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court also said that it was evenly split on the question of whether throwing out ballots with incorrect dates or no dates marked on the envelopes in which they are mailed violates a federal law that makes it illegal to throw out ballots for trivial reasons.

    For that reason, the court directed Pennsylvania county boards of elections to “segregate and preserve any ballots contained in undated or incorrectly dated outer envelopes,” the ruling said.

    Such a move would ensure that the ballots were preserved in the event that a higher court overturns the ruling or finds that discarding such ballots would violate the federal law.

    The Pennsylvania Supreme Court said that opinions would follow.

    The question of whether ballots with small errors such as a missing date on the envelope or a signature that does not precisely match the one a voter used when registering to vote has been hotly contested in recent elections in Pennsylvania.

    This is amazing news. Now, the impending Dem cheating in PA has ust been dealt a huge blow.

    Here’s what people online are saying:

    “Why this helps Republicans: 1. If you are not smart enough to fill out the ballot – you must be voting Democrat. 2. The price of each fake ballot filled out in DNC sweatshops across PA has just double or tripled. How can they afford to train thousands of illegal immigrants to not just fill out 50 ballots an hour – but do it correctly?”

    “Proves Trump was right about fraudulent voting tactics in Pennsylvania.”

    “Two points: 1. Either the Dems know they are cheating and are still fighting this, or they believe Republican voters are smarter than most Democrats and can fill out a ballot properly. There is no other logical option here. 2. Each one of these envelopes should be placed aside, in individual evidence bags, with a chain of custody attached. When they are truly disqualitfied after the US Supreme Court refuses to hear the case and they are ballots no longer, they should be dusted for prints and the results counted. Any individuals whose fingerprints are found on three or more ballots should be investigated for election fraud.”

    “More and more common are the liberals’ articles in the news about clinches in the system, problems in the software, ballot issues and we have just entered the final 7 days before the election. Are they grooming us for what they are about to do, giving themselves an excuse for what they are already doing? They knew this crap system of voting needed to be thrown away and voting kept simple, easy to verify and track. So, liberals being liberals did nothing because a crap election system is their guarantee of steeling power.”

    “But let’s all remember that Democrats don’t follow laws” 

    This is a big win for our side, but I agree, Dems won’t adhere to the law, so they need to be watched and monitored like hawks.

    Make sure you vote this November 8th. We can’t win this without you. Nobody can sit this one out. If you do, you’re helping Dems keep power.

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