Pennsylvania: Man Arrested For Running Over a Woman With A Car

    A Pennsylvania man who allegedly killed one woman and injured others in a hit-and-run spree was arrested on Wednesday morning, Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele said in a statement.

    Kareem Welton, 40, allegedly drove a stolen Chevy Malibu onto a sidewalk, striking a 32-year-old woman who was walking home from work in Philadelphia, according to Fox News. After hitting the woman once, he allegedly pulled a U-turn and ran over the woman again before being chased off by witnesses at the scene.

    The woman was taken to the hospital, where she died around 5 a.m., Fox News reported.

    At 5:54 a.m., after hitting the woman, Welton allegedly stole a Nissan Ultima and drove into oncoming traffic, hitting a 38-year-old man who was out on a morning run, according to a statement from the district attorney’s office.

    The victim was life-flighted to a local hospital to be treated for multiple severe injuries, including a broken spine, fractured ribs and a broken leg, according to the statement. He is expected to survive.

    Welton was charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault for allegedly hitting the runner, according to the statement.

    “This defendant was not only driving recklessly and at a high rate of speed, but he intentionally targeted the runner and hit him, attempting to kill him,” Steele said.

    After hitting the runner, Welton allegedly pulled the stolen car into a nearby gas station and abandoned it, Fox News reported.

    Four hours before hitting the runner, Welton allegedly drove the stolen Chevy into a couple on a motorcycle in Philadelphia, but there were no severe injuries, FOX 29 reports

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