Outline of a bandage around Biden’s arm raised so many questions on Twitter

    A couple of days ago Joe Biden got his THIRD vaccine shot on live TV…it took place on a fake set designed to look like the White House.


    The vaccine that works so great apparently doesn’t actually work unless: 1) everyone takes it and 2) you take another shot of it.


    Some would argue that it’s not actually a “vaccine,” but is more like a “flu shot” with a whole bunch of different boosters due to the assorted variants that viruses naturally form and mutate into.

    Joe Biden has decided to demonize all unvaccinated Americans and now he’s going on this PR tour to push the new booster – which I am sure won’t be the last booster.

    They’ll probably have a new booster every month.

    Booster of the Month Club…you’ll get a free box of donuts every time you get your 10th booster…seriously, can’t you see them doing that? I can…

    Of course, not everyone believes that Joe actually got jabbed with the “goop.” Many think he was injected with saline solution, but that’s a conspiracy theory that we’re not delving into today.

    But one thing we will delve into is a close-up photo of Biden’s arm that has a lot of people talking.

    Not only did someone notice that Biden grew an awful lot of body hair between his first vaccine shot back in January and his booster in September, but it was an outline on his arm that really caught people’s attention.

    One Twitter user points out there’s a distinct “bald” patch on Biden’s arm that looks exactly like the outline of a large bandage.

    The “outline” is on the crook of Joe’s arm where there’s a vein – a vein that is often used for IVs.

    But no matter what, it does look as if Joe is regularly bandaged there, in my opinion.

    Enough so that his overly hairy arms don’t produce any hair on the outer edges of that spot, and it does appear to create the distinct “shape” of a bandage with some skin discoloration.

    This is interesting because it plays into the very valid questions about Joe’s health and his very obviously diminishing mental faculties.

    Also, a lot of people, including some conservative online pundits and journalists, have raised questions about why Biden is always going to Delaware – is it for medical treatments?

    When Joe is in Delaware, he doesn’t have to submit “visitor logs” for public view, so who’s coming and going at the home in Delaware?

    And to me, any questions about Joe’s mental health are legit and important questions to ask, since our mainstream media doesn’t ask, and seems totally indifferent to the whole issue.

    Looks like the outline of a bandage, if you ask me.

    So, based on that theory, the question would be: why is Joe Biden bandaged so often in one spot that it’s leaving an outline?

    Does he get a regular IV? I think it’s a valid question.

    However, sadly, in this day and age, there’s no trust or faith in the government, so everything, even bizarre injection photos are all the “buzz” online.

    Such is life in the era of the “Joe Show.”

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