Our children are under constant assault from the Education System and the Media

    Our children are under constant assault. Their heritage, country, future, even their gender are being questioned. Then throw in a year and a half of a global pandemic. Life was much simpler back in the ’60s when we had to get under our desks to protect ourselves from a nuclear bomb. Damn, those desks had incredible power. We had it so easy back then, and I feel for these kids today. They are being hit from all sides. They cannot escape the attack. I cannot imagine the anxiety that we are creating for an entire generation.

    Let’s start with the pandemic. We took away nearly two years of typical education for most kids. We put them into hibernation for that same period isolating them from family, friends, and the outside world. We forced them to listen daily to mounting death tolls and the fear that they may never again see the people from which they were isolated. We put masks on them and did not let them breathe fresh air for fifteen months. There is no need for those masks now, but nobody dares to let them come off. They had a period of fear, doubt, and their life was reduced to Zoom meetings instead of classroom work. Their teachers were masked faces on an iPad. We may never know the extent of the damage we did to these children. For many, in the early years of their education, they may never recover and catch up to their actual level of competence.

    Next, we have Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project. Neither of these has a place in our schools. CRT is the Marxist thinking that your skin color determines your place in society and that systemic racism is not only present in America but is being used to divide us. It is a talking point of the Left and cannot be substantiated. Incredibly, the party that preaches unity for all uses the tool of CRT to divide. The 1619 Project has its origin in an opinion piece authored by a journalist at the New York Times Magazine. The author has disavowed the work as nonfactual, but that doesn’t stop the Left, School Administrators, and Teachers’ Unions from pushing to include it in curriculums.

    The 1619 project is based on the premise that the first slave ship on our shores arrived from Africa in 1619. That marks this point in time as the actual birth of America. It claims that the American Revolution was fought to preserve slavery and not to separate us from England. I ask one question of anyone who believes this. Why did we fight the Civil War? Why did over 300,000 Union Soldiers die to end slavery in this country if this country’s purpose was to preserve slavery? It is bogus and never should have been given a second thought, but it was. Now the fight goes on whether it stays in the classroom or hits the trash folder where it belongs. How confusing this must be for today’s children trying to filter false from true. Shame on the educators for what they are doing to poison our children.

    The Media is, of course, buying into all of this propaganda. Whether it is the news, network and cable programming, or Hollywood, our children cannot escape the barrage of information, lies that they are targets for to support this garbage. It is painful to watch, and nobody is working to filter any of these fictional storylines.

    Finally, we have the public marketplace. Books, videos, and advertisements aim to create a false narrative that this country is evil, racist, and corrupt from its inception. Teachers support these falsehoods and know that they are becoming true if they are repeated often and in unison. I would think this is an orchestrated effort by all on the Left, but that would be giving them too much credit. Kellogg’s and GLAAD have teamed up again to create a rainbow-themed breakfast cereal called “Together With Pride” in honor of Pride month. This product launch may point out the sad path we are on. The rainbow-colored letters are to help the young person eating the cereal explore the possible pronouns that may correctly describe them. He or she is no longer enough in this warped Woke world of today. Everything has to be questioned, and history and the basic tenets of life are no longer accepted. The proof is no longer needed to advance one’s thinking. You only need to capture the correct Left ear.

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