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    One Conservative Podcaster Just Issued Joe Biden The Most Spot-On “2022” Warning Of All Time 

    Stephen “Redsteeze” Miller is a journalist and a podcaster. He writes for The Spectator. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I really like a lot of his “takes.” He’s very clever and really sticks it to Biden, the media, and the left, which is always a-okay in my book.

    And right now, there’s an awful lot to criticize, isn’t there?

    Currently, Biden is using the Ukraine/Russia situation to shove his ghastly green agenda down America’s collective throat.

    One of the first things Biden did when he was installed into the White House was cancel President Trump’s amazing energy plan that has us nearly energy independent. And the moment he did that, he gave all the power to Putin.

    He canceled our pipeline but gave the green light to Putin’s pipeline.

    I guess only American oil is bad for the environment, eh? That makes about as much sense as COVID “sCiEnCe” did.

    And while we all know Biden is a blithering buffoon, what he’s doing right now with his energy policy is not just another dopey accident.

    It’s on purpose.

    He and his admin are putting the “green squeeze” on Americans with these high gas prices (that they’re falsely blaming on Putin) in order to strong-arm people into buying 55K electric cars.

    Biden and his Handlers will do whatever it takes to shove through this Green New Deal, while the rest of the world burns through coal like loons.

    Sounds like another power move to me.

    Well, Stephen actually came up with the best warning for Joe on this topic… I saw it and thought “mic drop.”

    It’s 100 percent true…

    Here’s what Stephen L. Miller said: “Joe Biden is going to learn it’s a lot easier to vote than it is to buy a brand new Tesla.”

    Ouch, but spot-on.

    And here’s what else he said:

    If Stacey Abrams and her party thinks it’s too hard to vote, wait until gas hits $7.00 nationwide.

    She’s going to find out just how incredibly easy it is.

    And something tells me a bunch of 28 year old journos living in New York City without kids aren’t going to going to convince many people to give up their car and bike 20 miles to work.

    Stephen couldn’t be more right if he tried.

    In order to get Americans to switch to the “green life,” it needs to make sense and be practical, and we’re nowhere near that.

    Many people make longer commutes, do you expect them to spend 2 hours at some out-of-the-way “charging station” just so they can drive the last 20 minutes home?

    Not to mention, you use coal to charge your battery. I mean, give me a break…

    Here’s what people online are saying:

    “this was a big miscalculation on the Dems part. They really thought they could sell this as Putin’s gas prices, but they can’t” 

    “Joe overplayed his hand, yet again. The American people aren’t as dumb as they need us to be” 

    “Yeah, some family that makes 60K a year is really gonna get financed for a 40K car. Give me a break” 

    “I think the red wave just got 10 feet higher” 

    If Joe were smart, and actually cared about the middle-class, but he’s not and he doesn’t, so he won’t.

    I don’t think Biden understands how much Americans dislike him and his policies.

    But he’ll find out in November.

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