New Theory Swirling About All These High-Profile Dems Catching COVID

    I have been really suspicious of the lockdown videos that are coming out of China.

    If you’ll recall, in the early days of COVID, months before the virus landed here in the US, the internet was inundated with “fear porn” videos of people colla[psing in the streets and foaming at the mouth. And those videos really set the table for the mandates and lockdowns that crippled this country.

    This all happened about 9 months before the 2020 election.

    We’re seeing a new set of “fear porn” videos coming out of China.

    The entire city of Shanghai is now on lockdown.

    This is happening about 7 months before the 2022 election.

    Something seems very strange about that, right?

    Then, add into the fray all these high profile/quad-vaxed Dems like Pelosi, Obama, Psaki, and others who are suddenly catching COVID, and you’ve got many Americans who think something really fishy is going on.

    One very popular Twitter account that goes by “Catturd” is one of those people who feels like things are way off.

    Here’s what “Catturd” had to say: “Funny how all the people suddenly, simultaneously getting COVID are triple vaxxed high profile Democrats. Must be science.”

    The combo of the new China fear-porn COVID videos and the Dems “catching” COVID is a combo that should raise everyone’s eyebrows 10-feet in the air.

    Here’s what people online are saying:

    “Full lockdown incoming ahead of the elections to enable mail in voting”

    “It’s called the “Midterm Variant”

    “The Election Infection”

    “Same thing happened months leading into the “new variant” breakout with further mandates and restrictions. Same playbook over and over. “

    “It’s to keep the narrative going. These people are not getting sick.”

    “All part of the plan to institute vote by mail this November”

    “Getting a head start on restrictions on the Nov elections. Getting the corruption started.”

    “They are lying like crazy. They basically use COVID as a holiday or vacation”

    “Nope trying to keep the so called pandemic going till midterms to get mail in ballots to cheat”

    I don’t trust anything that’s going on right now, and neither should you.

    And that’s not “tinfoil hat” stuff, that’s just our country’s sad reality, thanks to Democrats.

    The Dems know the political bloodbath that’s coming in 2022 and they’ll do whatever they can to hold keep their power… so we need to expect the unexpected — that way we’re not surprised this time around.

    Content created by Sophie O’Hara

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