National Review Webathon: Please Support the Cause

    National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr.

    In responding to our webathon appeal – commencing Monday last, with this stirring Rich Lowry call-to-arms – Linda found herself as one of one 1,567 conservatives who have contributed over $131,000 (towards our lofty goal of $250,000) to help National Review keep engaged in various vital fights (against the Cancel Culture Stalinists, and then there’s that costing-millions lawsuit by Michael Mann). She contributed $140. And her attending note was not unlike things we have seen before, but still, it got to us —

    In memory of my father, Brian Cunningham, who subscribed as far back as I can remember and helped a young girl understand what was important, and why.

    We assume that NR, back in the day, was part of Pop’s education material for his darling daughter. And we assume this was and is true for many readers now – and will be true too a decade and a generation from now.

    Of course, the reason NR can help you make sense of and better understand our mutual beliefs is that good readers saw it as a cause. As something more than a tangible magazine or a website, as something that needed to keep alive, to perpetuate, above and beyond the cost of a subscription. As something worthy of support.

    Thanks very much Linda. Maybe Dad and Bill Buckley are right now discussing you and the things in which we believe, and our faith – in this country and the principles upon which it stands – and its need to be defended, especially now. And hoping your generosity might inspire others to do likewise.

    Let’s hear from a few others who, like Linda, have done the selfless thing and contributed (and explained why):

    • Elizabeth tenders a sweet (and impressive!) $500 accompanying a note that echoes that of many other donors: “Thank you, National Review. I read you every day. You keep me sane.” It’s a fair trade Elizabeth, because you help keep NR alive. Many thanks.
    • Claudia sends a kindly $50 and a blush-inducer: “Considering the amount of time I spend each day reading articles your erudite writers publish, I should present you a much handsomer amount. I thank God you do what you do and do so impossibly well. Please continue or I truly believe we will allow a bunch of radicals and ghouls to literally ruin everything this wonderful country has to offer to everyone who loves it. Thank you so very much!” Back at you Claudia and double!
    • Ben spots us $25 and breaks out the fife: “We are in a struggle for the very life of our Republic. All true Patriots need to stand together to halt the unrelenting attacks on our Republic by the party that wants to be the sole voice and way for our country. This is ‘THE SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION.’” I’m with you Ben – the first one was good enough for me, and should still be. Thanks for the support.
    • Paul forks over $100 and thoughts about WFB: “I have been reading National Review since college. I loved Bill Buckley and his ideals. Speak the truth and keep the faith. The very future of our country and the world depends on it. Thank you.” Happy to do with you as our comrade. Thanks Paul.
    • Campbell finds $200 and hits the DONATE button, as he has a reason: “CRT and identity politics in general are segregating instead of integrating our society. NR is providing a valuable service through well-reasoned responses to this unfortunate trend. Thank you. We should be defined by the content of our character not the color of our skin, and it is of the utmost importance that we stand for this firmly.” We stand athwart, and firmly. Thanks Campbell.
    • Jack sends in $100 and compliments for the entire masthead: “Thank you NR for [your] diligent reporting and insight into the mad-world of the Woke and the Democrats (sounds like a horror movie — it would be funny, but it is a horror movie!). And, thank you for so many authors and such excellent writing. The editors, proof readers deserve a special shout-out! Keep up the great work.” Keeping! And thanks Jack for helping us do that.

    Like Linda, maybe you were blessed by that special person who made a major difference on you and the way you believe, and used NR to help set your life course. We’d like to keep doing that (we know we still are) and ask for your additional support. Whether $10 or $100 or $1,000 or dare we say $10,000, whatever amount of generosity you might afford will be put to exceptional and consequential use. We’re one-third of our way through our schedule, and halfway to our goal (which we pray may not only be met, but surpassed). If you’ve been thinking of sending aid, do it, and do it here, and do it knowing of our immense gratitude. We accept checks if that’s how you roll: Make yours payable to “National Review” and send it to National Review, ATTN: Webathon, 19 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036. Thanks very much.

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