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    Mom Gets Shredded For Putting Her Kids Next to Sign, “Don’t Force This On Anyone” at Pro-Abortion Rally

    Liberals are some of the most disconnected, strange people on the planet.

    They love animals, and would literally take a bullet for a dog or cat, but when it comes to kids and babies, many of them have a very “meh” attitude.

    Women have taken abortion, something that’s very gross, and should be rare, and a last resort type procedure, and turned it into a “badge of honor.”

    They “shout out” their abortions and talk about them like they’re something to be proud of. They also claim that abortions are part of standard women’s healthcare.

    I’m sorry, but ewww and gross.

    Why can’t these women take birth control?

    We’re told that these feminists are so strong, capable, and can do anything, but they can’t figure out how to take birth control?

    It’s not that difficult.

    There are a bazillion different types, and their protection rate is 99.9 percent. You can get birth control at Walmart for $9 bucks.

    And if you’re really poor, you can also use condoms, or abstain from sexual relations until you get your life back on track.

    This is called being a responsible human being, for crying out loud.

    Why can’t they do this? 

    It’s 2022. Abortions should be rare, yet, for some bizarre reason, they’re the hottest ticket in town.

    So much so, that actual moms are now dragging their kids to pro-abortion rallies… and if that isn’t sick enough, wait until you see the sign this mom had her kids stand next to… she went viral, but for all the wrong reasons.

    “A woman standing outside of SCOTUS with her two kids holding a sign that reads “DON’T FORCE THIS ON ANYONE.” Big ole yikes.”


    I can’t imagine what this woman was thinking when she did that, but here’s what people online are saying:

    “Nothing demonstrates unconditional love for your children more than using them as props at a pro-abortion rally, making them stand next to a sign that says you wish they were never even born.”

    “I’m not normally a fan of cps getting involved but isn’t it abusive to parade your kids around with a sign that says they’re an unreasonable burden?!”

    “Why would you make a family trip to the pro-abortion rally?” 

    “These are the types of parents who take their kids to see sexual drag queen shows” 

    “OMG and those kids have to go home with her, knowing they’re completely unwanted. That’s just awful.”

    “I’m old enough to remember when a husband, 3 kids & a family dog were part of the American Dream”

    “The weak, loser husband just standing there like a dummy. This is why we need strong men, to keep these insane women in check” 

    “Hey mom, remember that time you used us as props to show people how awful having children is?”

    “Liberals love using kids as props for their progressive politics. Why do you think their creating all these gender confused children?” 

    “Holy cow what soulless creeps. Those poor children. Having a family and being a parent is the greatest accomplishment of my life. Geez”

    “What that woman thinks of her children via her sign is absolutely sad.”

    “These are very sad, disturbed people. They have been lied to their entire lives.”

    “Hey kids let’s go out and protest by telling the world I wouldn’t force your existence on even my worst enemies”

    “Lord have mercy upon us.”

    This is today’s Democrat, folks.

    These kooks are not the “radicals” or the “fringe” anymore.

    These are the average Dems — mentally sick whack jobs with zero common sense or decency.

    Content created by Sophie O’Hara

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