Mexico: Armed Men Free their Cartel Leader Out Of Police Custody

    A group of armed men broke a Mexican cartel leader out of state custody Tuesday, My RGV reported.

    Jose Alfredo Hernandez Campos, 27, was captured by Tamaulipas special forces Monday, according to My RGV. Special forces team Grupo de Operaciones Especiales apprehended Hernandez Campos, who is also known as “El Calamardo” and “Metro 27” in Reynosa, Mexico.

    A group of armed men broke Hernandez Campos out of custody before he was scheduled to see the judge on Wednesday, according to My RGV.

    Tamaulipas law enforcement officials confirmed armed men broke Hernandez Campos out of custody, according to Monitor News reporter Valerie Gonzalez. Officials reportedly discovered one of the armed men with a Mexican Security of National Defense ID and two men wearing camouflage clothing carrying high-caliber weapons and tactical equipment.

    Hernandez Campos has a reputation of leading the Gulf Cartel who runs operations around the Diaz Ordaz and Valadeces regions near the Ribereña highway south of La Grulla, Texas, My RGV reported.

    Hernandez Campos was wanted for crimes including human and narcotics trafficking, attacking law enforcement officials, tampering with surveillance cameras and blocking train tracks, according to My RGV.

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