Maricopa: “The County will never use equipment that could pose a risk to free and fair elections.” 

    On Monday, woke local Arizona journalist Jen Fifield shared some good news for a change.

    Maricopa County will no longer use “compromised” voting machines. This announcement comes after Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobb’s May 20, 2021 letter, to the County, blaming the Arizona Senate for compromising the machines.

    If we want free and fair elections, we should just go back to paper ballots.

    Unlike machines, paper cannot be compromised without one’s knowledge.

    We know the machines were compromised long before the Senate took hold of them. If fraud occurred in November, voting machines do need to be replaced.

    If the machines were so secure, cyber ninjas would not be able to compromise the machines, and Dominion, with total access, could correct any issues.

    The Arizona Senate still has not received Dominion routers or passwords.

    Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers wants ALL fraudulent voting machines replaced.

    Fifield: Breaking: Maricopa County announces it will not use any of the voting equipment that has been in the hands of Cyber Ninjas again. County was required under subpoenas to give most of the $6 million in equipment it leases from Dominion to the Senate for the audit.

    Rogers: Ban ALL fraud machines!

    It appears that Katie Hobbs and the county are trying to destroy the evidence before the final report comes out likely in August.

    This was not the most secure election in American History and they know it.

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