Kamala:Virginia must elect Terry McAuliffe

    I listened to a few minutes of Kamala Harris’s remarks on her second visit to Virginia in a week. She took time out of her schedule fighting the Border Crisis to go to Virginia to fight for Terry McAuliffe. Alright, so I was tongue in cheek about her interest in the Border Crisis, but Terry McAuliffe’s campaign and the Border Crisis have much in common. They are both spiraling downward as fast as Joe Biden’s approval numbers. Joe would have been in Virginia today, but he was in Rome, embarrassing himself in front of the Pope and French President Macron. That is the subject for another day. On this day in Virginia, it was Kamala’s turn to look foolish.

    Now, you might say that is being harsh. But I have a problem with any politician, heck anyone at all, who is so condescending as to take on the accent of the people they are addressing. Hillary used to do this constantly. How did that work out for her? Biden does it but has of late resorted to whispering instead. Remember his famous line to a group of Blacks about Republicans wanting them back in chains. It was spoken in a lousy attempt at a Black accent. How did that work out for him?

    Kamala came onto the stage tonight, smiled broadly, cackled nervously, and then called out Terry McAuliffe’s name very loudly in a very deep southern drawl. It made me cringe for her. What a cheap, exploitative thing this was to do to the people who came to listen to her. I hope many of them tuned her out.

    She then began to go through a list of Democrat platforms and why a Governor matters. Well, I agree, a Governor matters, but she did not once say why Terry McAuliffe was the right person to implement these platforms. But I was offended by the first platform Kamala chose to highlight. I assume she would start with her most important issue. If she did, with all of the problems facing the country and I guess the Commonwealth of Virginia, too, she chose the woman’s right to choose. The Vice President led with abortion. She lost me. I was disgusted and did not want to hear the rest of her list.

    I am a Christian, a Conservative, and I believe in the Right to Life. The Democrats in Virginia believe in abortion up to the point of birth. In some cases, they think it is the mother’s right to choose whether her newborn baby lives or is put to death. This sounds like hyperbole, or I am making up facts. I am not. Go back and watch the video of the current Governor, Ralph Northam, discussing the exact procedure last year.

    Democrats and their belief in reproductive rights for women have resulted in the abortion of 62 Million fetuses since Roe V Wade in 1973. The trend has been cut in half in the last 20 years, but 600,000 dead infants a year by abortion is 600,000 too many. For Kamala Harris and maybe Terry McAuliffe, too, this number is too few for the issue of abortion, and reproductive rights are number one on their list.

    So why elect a Republican like Glenn Youngkin who only cares about our children, education, lower taxes, smaller government, and individual rights. When you can have Kamala’s choice, Terry McAuliffe, and have no say in your child’s education and the right to late-term abortions. The choice seems clear. Just ask Kamala and listen to her answer in a sweet southern drawl.

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