John Brennan Warns rhetoric coming from some left-wing members of Congress are dangerous

    Former CIA chief John Brennan recently warned about the rhetoric and danger of the far left and Antifa. This is amazing because Brennan himself is a man of the far left and has helped perpetuate the myth about Trump supporters being dangerous.

    Did he have a momentary lapse into sanity and reality?

    The Washington Examiner reported:

    Former CIA Director John Brennan warns about left-wing rhetoric and antifa

    Former CIA Director John Brennan said he is “concerned” about the rhetoric coming from some left-wing members of Congress as he warned about antifa’s “vigilantism.”

    Juliette Kayyem, a professor at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and a former assistant secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, broached the topic of left-wing radicalization in a conversation on Tuesday with the longtime intelligence officer, with the discussion moderator seeking a “sense of balance” as she noted there appears to be a great deal of focus by the FBI on right-wing extremism.

    In his response, Brennan acknowledged people who fall under a “broad rubric of antifa” while saying politicians should choose their words more carefully, lest they be used by political foes to widen a partisan divide within the United States.

    “I am concerned about some of this rhetoric that’s coming from the Left,” Brennan said. “Again, I think ideologues on both ends of the political spectrum are dangerous, and there are individuals on the Left who are engaging in vigilantism themselves that fall under this broad rubric of antifa, anti-fascist elements. But I do think that ideologues are just blind to reality, and they do not look for ways to allow people from across that political spectrum to live peacefully together.”

    What a change in tone…

    Are leftists in Washington finally figuring out that their base is out of control?

    It only took them a year.

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