Joe Biden Is Driving Republicans Crazy By Being So Positive And Nice

    Republicans are complaining that they can’t drive President Biden’s poll numbers down because he is too positive and nice.

    The Independent reported:
    The GOP campaign consultant — a veteran of both presidential and congressional politics — said Biden’s relative reticence, combined with his age and race, has made it harder to launch culture war-based attacks on him.

    “You’ll never get anyone to admit this on the record, but it’s really f**king hard to drive down the negatives of an affable, gentlemanly white man who says nice, positive things most of the time,” he said.

    Republicans are trying to wage a culture war, but Joe Biden is decent and nice that they aren’t getting anywhere. Instead of dividing America, Republicans find themselves screaming to each other inside the conservative media/Fox News bubble as the rest of the country continues to support the President and his popular policies.

    The GOP doesn’t know what to do with a President who doesn’t get roped into the petty political disputes and culture war narratives. When Biden speaks, he never sounds like the socialist that is trying to destroy capitalism that some Republicans are desperate to sell.

    President Joe Biden is low-key, nice, hard-working, knowledgeable, optimistic, and positive.

    Republicans are going nuts because they can’t handle a decent president who most Americans like and trust.

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