Jill Biden on the Over Cover of Vogue Magazine 

    It’s no secret that Melania Trump was dissed and ignored by the very radical and progressive fashion industry.

    It must’ve been painfully hard for all the fashion divas because it was plain to see that Melania was the most fashionable and beautiful FLOTUS this country has ever had…and they refused to feature her because they all have Stage 5 TDS.

    Now, we’ve got Dr. Jill who was installed as “FLOTUS,” and like her or not, she’s certainly not a “fashion plate” by any stretch of the imagination.

    Much like Michelle Obama, Jill has a very tacky and hokey style – and dresses out of her “age range” on many occasions.  But, even so, the fashion industry is, of course, drooling over her.

    It’s so predictable and silly, but this is the insane state of our country right now.

    So, when Jill Biden appeared on the cover of Vogue, being hailed as a “doctor” in a dress that many people said looked like a frumpy set of drapes, she got a heck of a lot of backlash.

    Here’s the cover photo:

    And here is just a small portion of the backlash Jill received:

    The meme-makers were out in full force:

    And some of those memes were quite brutal:

    Here are some of the comments from folks online:

    “Alice Cooper would never be caught dead in that dress. He has waaaaay better fashion sense”

    “From Melania Trump to Jill Frump, what a regression.” 

    “Headline so appropriate – the Dress does look like Drapes.”

    “Melania is elegant, smart, classy and beautiful. Jill is not. Vogue is communist propaganda.”

    “Her kid is on crack, her husband is utterly corrupt, and she is a FLOOZI. Truly America’s First White Trash Family.”

    “Well I suppose she will join Victoria’s Secret Lingerie team”

    “No First Lady, more lovely, elegant, perfectly statuesque picture of grace and stunning beauty than Melania. Who still is our First Lady, BTW.”

    “Jill Biden, a LOT of “Photoshop” covering an ugly woman inside and out.” 

    Personally, I don’t think Jill Biden is a bad-looking mature woman, but her fashion sense is atrocious.

    And unlike Melania, Jill will bever be a “fashionista” no matter how much the media and fashion industry tries to pretend she is.

    Once again, everything connected to this administration is fake.


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