Jeffrey Epstein:Shocking CBS Gayle King’s Reaction When Melinda Gates Reveals Bone-Chilling Encounter With Him

    Melinda Gates is out there dragging her weirdo husband through the mud right now, and I’m loving every minute.

    Nobody deserves this treatment more than Bill Gates.

    Divorce can get really ugly, as Bill is now finding out.

    But let’s face it Bill has a questionable character for several reasons – but one of the biggest splotches on Bill’s record was his close friends with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

    And that brings us to an interview Melinda gave to CBS about her divorce from Bill, and namely, his relationship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

    Melinda tells “ace reporter” Gayle King that it was Bill’s relationship with Epstein that was a factor in her divorce.

    Melinda said she was very uncomfortable with the relationship and “meetings” the two shared.

    But it was this next part that really caught my attention… and what Melinda said was bone-chilling… but it’s the reaction or lack thereof from Gayle the “ace reporter,” that’s really absurd.

    Melinda tells Gayle that she met Epstein one time, and she said it was horrible. He was abhorrent and evil personified.

    She even said she had “nightmares” about the visit.


    Now, as a reporter, wouldn’t you think Gayle King would ask Melinda to elaborate on such a horrific moment and explain what made her feel that way?

    Maybe throw in one or two follow-up questions, since what Melinda said was such a powder keg statement?

    Nope. Nothing.

    Just a little “oh yeah, really? wow…”


    You can watch the video below:

    The reason why they are Epstein’s in this world who operate freely and without fear is because we don’t have a media that holds anybody in power accountable.

    And if they do, the media only goes after people who fit their political narrative.

    That’s not “news” or “journalism.”

    That’s propaganda and behaving like a SuperPac for Democrats.

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