January 6 Riot’s People Finally Got Charged with Sedition (Oath Keepers)

    After the big deal this week with everyone talking about Ray Epps after it was brought up in Congressional hearings, the Justice Department has finally charged people with sedition, i.e., insurrection.

    Several members of the Oath Keepers now stand accused of trying to overthrow the government.

    Tucker Carlson on Thursday interviewed Thomas Caldwell, a member of the Oath Keepers who is being charged with sedition.

    The leader of the organization was charged, along with others who were at the Capitol.

    CBS News:

    The Justice Department charged 11 people, including the founder of the right-wing militia known as the Oath Keepers, with “seditious conspiracy” for their alleged roles in the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, the most serious charges brought to date relating to the riot.

    Elmer Stewart Rhodes of Granbury, Texas, was indicted by a federal grand jury in Washington, D.C., and arrested in Texas on Thursday morning, the Justice Department said. Prosecutors allege he and others conspired to storm the Capitol and interrupt the tallying of electoral votes in the 2020 election.

    In total, 19 people were charged in three separate indictments unsealed Thursday. Eleven of the individuals face seditious conspiracy charges, while the rest face counts of corruptly obstructing an official proceeding and other related charges. Rhodes and another man, Edward Vallejo of Phoenix, Arizona, were charged for the first time, while the others have been named in previous indictments.

    Stewart Rhodes, as you will recall, has been widely accused of being a fed. He was close friends with Oath Keepers regional leader Ray Epps (who by the way, was not one of the 11 charged and still remains completely uncharged). Also, before these charges, he didn’t have any charges at all, despite the fact that Thomas Caldwell, a typically slow-witted boomer who was just a low-level member of the organization, was arrested in an anti-terrorism style raid and put in solitary confinement for three months on previous conspiracy charges. Caldwell didn’t ever enter the building, and they’re accusing him of trying to move “heavy weapons” to “attack the Capitol.”

    Side note: The indictment didn’t specify what kind of “heavy weapons” he was planning to move, but the term tends to imply mortars, howitzers, MPADS, etc.

    These are really just outrageous and weird charges. The FBI has not produced any of these alleged “heavy weapons” or described any of the potential logistics of the alleged planning.

    The only thing they have is video of this admittedly menacingly cryptic statement he made at the rally…

    (To be clear, that is a joke – I edited that screenshot from the DOJ. I’m trying to lighten things up a bit here. As I wrote at the time, the initial interview with Thomas Caldwell on the Tucker Carlson show almost made me cry, seeing this poor old boomer, who could just as easily be one of my family members, going through what he is going through – gotta throw some humor in.)

    Several other members of the Oath Keepers were charged, while Rhodes was going around CPAC threatening to fight anyone who questioned him.

    Rhodes was the focus of two (here, here) of the infamous (and infamously too long, Darren) Revolver News reports on 1/6, and was basically accused outright of being a fed. Revolver has been the source of much of the information surrounding the 1/6 hoax. (I of course called it on the night of, but Darren Beattie of Revolver actually went and pulled all the documents and compiled these thousands of words long articles putting it all together.)

    I listened to Alex Jones’ show on Thursday after Rhodes’ arrest, and he said he didn’t believe that Rhodes is a fed, and basically said he’s just stupid. I can believe he’s stupid. I can’t believe the other part.

    Remember: low IQ is almost universally correlated with low moral fortitude.

    I think he is obviously a fed, and I don’t think these charges change anything at all. Federal informants get charged with things all the time. Usually, they get reduced sentences if the crimes they were charged with were in service of the FBI, but not always.

    Famously, the neo-Nazi radio host and FBI informant Hal Turner argued in court that the alleged crimes he was charged with – encouraging people to commit acts of violence against specific individuals – were things he was told to do by the FBI. His attorney went so far as to say he wasn’t even really a racist, he was just saying racist things because the FBI told him to. Emails between him and the FBI were entered into the court record. The court said that was totally irrelevant. He was sentenced to 33 months for what amounted to “malicious communications.” (You can read his Wikipedia page, it has links to news articles and court documents. I don’t remember all of these details.)

    Of course, the infamous Charlottesville informant Christopher Cantwell was sentenced to prison last year for threatening people, although he didn’t have the argument that he was doing it on behalf of the FBI.

    On the other end of things, Whitey Bulger, an FBI informant in the mafia, was allowed to kill an unknown number of people while serving as an informant, and the FBI didn’t arrest him for it for decades. It came out at his trial that the FBI knew about at least some of the hits he’d carried out while on their payroll. He was of course beaten to death by fellow inmates when he entered the general population at the ripe age of 89. (In prison, people don’t play games with feds like right-wingers do – 89-year-olds in wheelchairs get beaten to death. Blacks have the same kind of rules. It’s really amazing the way right-wingers are so tolerant of involvement with the FBI.)

    Despite the fact that Whitey was allowed by the FBI to commit all kinds of felonies, including murder, for decades, he did eventually get did up. All informants do.

    So, Rhodes getting arrested and finally charged means nothing to me in terms of determining whether or not he was a federal informant. He ran an organization that was filled with feds, and resulted in innocent boomers having their lives completely wrecked.

    The difference between Rhodes and Epps is that while Rhodes is likely an informant, Epps is likely actually an undercover FBI agent. That’s the only thing that would really explain what is going on here. It would certainly explain Adam Kinzinger going on a days long Twitter defense of Epps, who remains the only person we have on video identified as actually planning entry into the Capitol.

    Kinzinger actually went on TV to praise Epps.

    Remember: the entire government is run by exactly that type of creepy moron.

    Look at this tweet:

    This is the kind of moronic weirdo who if you ended up with him as a neighbor, you would sell your house and move. That’s what all of these people in Congress are. They are people who will sell out the entire country for a $20,000 “contribution” (read: bribe) from Jeff Bezos or George Soros. Probably, most of them are also pedophiles, I would assume.

    But I digress.

    Meanwhile, Oath Keepers were actually running around inside the Capitol building talking on cellphone chats about kidnapping Nancy Pelosi and “releasing the gas” – at least according to the FBI. So, probably like the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping hoax, it was a mix of agents, informants, and retards caught up in it.

    Forget All That Noise – Focus on Your Own Life

    Solving the mysteries of Ray Epps and Stewart Rhodes are not really the thing that matters right now. The bigger issue is the fact that the FBI and Department of Justice are moving to classify all normal white people as terrorists, and whatever happened on 1/6, that event is the justification for the whole thing.

    They’ve created a new “domestic terrorism task force” to target white people who disagree with the government.

    Julie Kelly’s article up at American Greatness goes into a lot of details about this new plan to hunt down white people as terrorists for disagreeing with the Democrat Party platform.

    The Jewish Attorney General has basically said that anyone who disagrees with any government policy is effectively a domestic terrorist.

    This is all happening under the Patriot Act, which means that they are moving directly towards being “legally” allowed to treat American right-wingers exactly as they treat members of alleged “foreign terrorist groups.”

    It’s hard to describe how totally out of control this all is, but it is obviously something we foresaw here at the Stormer long before Joe Biden ever took office. It’s hardly some grand surprise.

    The first thing it means is that they will start just sending FBI agents to people’s houses. They will start knocking on tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of doors and just harass people. Remember: no matter what, do not ever talk to them.

    Watch this video again.

    Video Link

    (Here’s the direct link to share with everyone.)

    You’re not going to talk your way out of anything, and basically anything you say to them at all can be used to rope you into some kind of thing where you’re either facing going to prison or becoming an informant (and then go to prison at a later date – see above).

    As always: the number one thing you can do is get out of the city, get involved in a local community. Be a useful person, be helpful, and you can gain respect and status in a local rural community or small town in a year’s time. Don’t go on rants about Jews. Don’t act weird. Talk to people at whatever level they are at and don’t try to convince them of anything. They already agree with you 95% anyway. Just focus on being helpful and normal.

    DO NOT join some right-wing group. All of these groups are a wet dream for the feds. Anyone who tells you joining a group is anything other than retarded is either a retard or thinks you’re a retard and is maliciously trying to exploit you.

    People ask me about existing groups and my answer to all of them is “nope, nope, nope.” These groups should be encouraged to disband. If someone does one of these marches – I don’t care if they’re run by the feds or not. The point is, if they were run by the feds, this is exactly what they would be doing. So, you can do the math yourself.

    I’m really done talking about these groups. You notice I don’t comment on the latest media stories of these groups. I’ve decided to let retards go be retarded. But it’s worth reiterating the position for anyone who might be new here, and might just be learning the ropes.

    Understand: you can be put in prison for simply being a member of one of these groups. They have all kinds of laws to do this, from conspiracy, to the KKK laws, to RICO. That was all before this new push by the feds to basically declare all normal white people as de facto terrorists.

    If you’re confused by any of this, then just do what I’m telling you to do. Just trust me. Get out of the city, go be a good American, be prepared for things to keep getting weirder for about a decade, at which point, you’ll be introduced to a new weird which will be much less gay and retarded.

    When this tranny-Jew-vaxer-feminine-faggot shit is finally over, and the road wars begin, it will be a lovely day.

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