‘Jail Killer Cops’ Protester Decries U.S. for White Supremacy, Capitalism, Patriarchy

    A protester in Washington, DC, blamed U.S. capitalism, white supremacy, and patriarchy for holding people of color down. His comments came during a “Jail Killer Cops” demonstration on Friday evening.

    “The United States talking about they don’t have no political prisoners, and it’s the beacon of human rights and democracy around the world when it’s exactly the opposite,” Netfa Freeman, Pan-African Community Action organizer began. “It thwarts movements for democracy around the world.”

    He explained that the U.S. tries instead to protect its capitalist and imperialist interests around the world.

    “The working-class people are the victims of the United States foreign policy agenda,” he continued. “The mirror of that United States foreign policy agenda is the domestic agenda. They have to keep the working-class — particularly black and brown people in the United States — to colonize and settle colonialism and capitalism and patriarchy — they have to keep us down.”

    “We’re the conscious folks that are rising up that make them nervous, that make them have to keep in place a police force,” Freeman concluded. “That’s what it’s for — to protect and preserve the settler coloniast [sic] projects which is the three-headed hydra of colonialism, white supremacy, and patriarchy.”

    Freeman previously worked as the Institute for Policy Studies Director of Social Action and Leadership School for activists (SALSA), according to the organization’s website. He currently works as the organization’s events coordinator for other projects within the institute.

    Freeman spoke during the “Jail Racist Killer Cops!” event at Black Lives Matter Plaza on Friday evening.

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