It’s anti-semitic to call Israel an apartheid state

    A vivid demonstration that the Democratic civil war extends beyond infrastructure.

    Dems wanted to include $1 billion in the forthcoming spending bill to resupply Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, which has saved countless lives by intercepting rockets fired from Gaza by Hamas. And not just Israeli lives. Obviously, the more lethal an attack by Hamas is, the more severe Israel’s response will be. By holding down the death toll on their own side via Iron Dome, Israel reduces the case for lethal reprisals against the Palestinians. That’s an arrangement both sides of the Israel/Palestinian debate in the U.S. can love, no?

    No. Members of the Squad announced this week that they’d vote against the spending bill if it contained money for Iron Dome. Since Pelosi’s margin in the House is razor thin, she had no choice but to strip the provision out. But here’s the important point: Because Republicans would obviously be all in favor of a standalone bill to fund Iron Dome, the Squad achieved nothing meaningful by forcing Pelosi’s hand. That standalone bill will pass overwhelmingly. Israel will get the money after all.

    All lefties like Rashida Tlaib did is give their own party bad press by opposing it.

    Go figure that endangered centrist Dems like Elissa Slotkin were verrrrry eager to emphasize their disagreement with the Squad:

    It wasn’t just centrists. Democrat Ritchie Torres is a progressive from New York but he’s distinguished himself during his short time in Congress as an outspoken supporter of Israel. Although, again, in the case of Iron Dome, supporting Israel also means supporting the Palestinians by reducing the death toll on both sides:

    Today was the vote on the standalone Iron Dome funding bill. Tlaib is a no and took to the floor beforehand to decry the “apartheid” Jewish state, the only country she routinely criticizes for human-rights abuses:

    Ted Deutch, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the chairman of the subcommittee on the Middle East, couldn’t let that slide. He did a solid for his centrist colleagues in purple districts by laying into Tlaib after she spoke:

    Why would Tlaib and her Squad fellow travelers cause a needless political headache for her caucus, knowing that the funding would pass one way or another? Maybe the thought of funding Israel is intolerable to her on principle, even when she knows that Palestinians will benefit from it too. Or maybe she couldn’t stomach funding Israel’s ability to defend itself specifically. If you want to see the Jewish state suffer, there’s a twisted logic in not wanting to help it repel rocket attacks. Either way, Democrats can’t hide their Israel problem anymore, writes Philip Klein:

    There is of course a principled stand one could take against foreign aid in general, or against sending more money overseas at a time when the U.S. is facing historic debt. But progressives are not making any sort of consistent argument against foreign aid and have zero concern for the national debt. If current plans being pushed by progressives pass, then Democrats will have authorized $6 trillion in new spending within the first year of Joe Biden’s presidency. That’s 6,000 times $1 billion.

    Nor can the position be justified as an effort to “end the occupation,” as this was not about depriving Israel of funding for offensive weapons. Stripping funding for Iron Dome only makes sense if the goal is to help Hamas become more efficient at killing civilians. And progressives were so adamant about depriving Israel of this funding to protect its population that they were willing to shut down the government if the provision was not removed.

    A pointless exercise by progressives, destined to give the GOP attack-ad material while achieving nothing of substance in the process. Yet they felt so strongly about wanting to disarm Iron Dome that they went ahead and made a fuss anyway, knowing that it might cost their party something politically. You need to hate Israel a lot to follow through on a political gambit that self-destructive.

    The vote is now over. In the end the Squad got eight Democrats plus libertarian Republican Thomas Massie:

    Interestingly, AOC initially voted no but then changed her vote to present — before dissolving into tears for reasons that are unexplained at the moment:

    I can’t imagine that she had her arm twisted by leadership on a bill that was going to get more than 400 yays. Did she get a call that her new “Death to Israel” dress isn’t ready yet, maybe?

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