Hillary Clinton Posts a Photo of Herself For News Years

    Many people think something is going on with Hillary Clinton lately.

    She’s back online, begging for money for the Clinton Foundation, she looks like she’s had some “work” done, and she’s throwing Joe Biden under the bus, claiming his White House isn’t “sane” or “prosperous.”

    Rumor has it she and Kamala are talking daily and that she wants to be Kamala’s “VP” if Joe doesn’t make it through his entire term… and the way things are going, he might not.

    Between his horrid poll numbers and his mental fitness, Joe could be making an “early exit” whether he likes it or not.

    But just the fact that Hillary has been so “front and center” suddenly, has many people very suspicious.

    And her latest “New Year” tweet definitely has people talking… not because it said anything amazing, but because of the photo Hillary choose to use.

    She claims she’s “looking ahead,” but the photo she picked, is definitely all about the past.

    Here’s what Hillary said: “Looking ahead to 2022. Wishing you a happy, healthy, and fabulous New Year.”

    Then she posted a photo of herself that’s probably some 30-years-old.

    This tweet definitely got some attention, but probably not the type Hillary wanted.

    Here’s what people online had to say:

    “Hillary hasn’t looked like this since 1722”

    “Pictured: Hillary Clinton looking forward to 1992.”

    “Tweets from 1975”

    “15+ year old photo “

    “Looking forward to 2022 with an image if me from 1999”

    “I’m wishing for a 2022 of happiness, health, and fabulousness as well. And, for you and your husband to finally receive the justice you deserve. I think I speak for many of us. Happy New Year.”

    “How old is this picture?? 25 years?”

    “Ummmm…more like looking ahead to 1973. Americans are looking forward to Republicans taking the House and Senate.”

    “Still thinks she’s living in the 1990’s “

    “You belong in prison you piece of trash.”

    “Looks like someone’s been messing with the Flux Capacitor.”

    “This is how everyone looks in a movie right before they order a hit on somebody.”

    “The 1992 ghost of Killary past wishes you a happy 2022. But, only to you saps that voted for this demon. The rest of you are on a list.”

    “Just like chics on tinder, using a 30 year old profile pic”

    What a bizarre photo for Hillary or her Handler to use.

    I think there’s a deeper meaning here.

    I think Hillary is trying to send a message of how “strong” she is, as she and Kamala plot.

    And so she dipped into her old stash of pics because sending this more accurate one wouldn’t really help her cause:

    I know Dems like to play “Truman Show” with their politics, but I don’t think Hillary will have much luck convincing all of America that she’s a young, sassy lady from the early 90s.

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