Here is how you can help stop it

    Georgia’s Republican legislators are hell-bent on suppressing voting rights with a dangerous new bill: SB 202, the most dangerous attack on voting rights since Jim Crow.

    Campaign Action

    Beyond drastic cuts in early voting that target Black people, it also allows the GOP legislature to take over boards of elections—paving the way to overturn results that don’t go their way.

    As CNN explained, it would grant the state elections board (who the GOP legislature would appoint) the right to suspend both local election superintendents and local boards of election and appoint a new official to step in as a temporary superintendent.

    This is a direct assault on our democracy. If Republicans are successful in Georgia, they will push to replicate this in other states. That’s why everyone must be alarmed about SB 202, and we don’t have much time: The state house is set to vote on Thursday, March 25.

    Daily Kos has been mobilizing our Georgia readers to contact their state legislators against this and other bills, but what can you do to help if you live anywhere else in the country? 

    You can still contact corporations headquartered in Atlanta and urge them to use their considerable influence to stop SB 202 from passing.

    Atlanta hosts the headquarters of many powerful corporations: Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Home Depot, United Parcel Service (UPS), AFLAC Insurance, and Southern Company.

    Our friends at Black Voters Matter have been leading a corporate accountability campaign to put pressure on these companies to take a stand against voter suppression.

    Activists recently protested outside a Coca-Cola bottling company in Georgia, noting that last summer some of these same corporations made public statements supporting Black lives.

    As Georgia state coordinator Fenika Miller told the Macon Telegraph: “They were going to stand on the side of racial equity and inclusion and help to move the needle to make sure that communities of color and Black communities in particular were protected, and so, all that we’re doing is asking them to make good on that pledge. We’re asking them to be bold and to take a stand and to say that we do not believe that restricting access to the ballot will help democracy.”

    These companies have donated to the Republican politicians who are now pushing SB 202, which means they are aiding and abetting voter suppression.

    They should be using their considerable influence to pressure the legislature to stop this.

    We don’t have much time, so now—regardless of where you live—we need you to contact these corporate leaders and urge them to stop this dangerous right-wing power grab.

    That’s why Daily Kos has set up a letter campaign where you can directly contact nine corporate leaders at Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, UPS, Home Depot, and other Georgia-based companies. 

    Our friends at Black Voters Matter have taken it a step further, where you can directly make phone calls to these corporate leaders. You can also read about more of their resources here.

    Sign and send the petition: SB 202 threatens Georgia’s economy with its all-out assault on our democratic process. Please use your powerful influence to stop this.

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