Harry Dunn: Pelosi’s “Jan 6th” Star Witness is Black Lives Matter’s Activist

    Nancy Pelosi kicked off her latest sham.

    No, it’s not another failed impeachment – this time it’s even worse – her January 6th hearing, where she’s placing every Trump supporter on trial.

    One of her star witnesses today was a man named Harry Dunn. He’s a Capitol Police officer, who was there on January 6th.

    Mr. Dunn “cried” while he testified, and claimed, without any video evidence – even though every inch of the inside and outside of the Capitol is under surveillance – that twenty or so “MAGA” people called him the N-word repeatedly, and then mocked him for voting for Joe Biden.

    In all honesty, his story had a “Jussie Smollett” vibe to it.

    After his testimony, some folks decided to look into Mr. Dunn’s social media activist, and they came up with a lot of very disturbing stuff.

    What we discover from Mr. Dunbn’s social media, is that he’s very much an “activist” who is pushing the Dems racist agenda, full-throttle.

    He also loves all the online attention that he’s getting:

    He even asks people to “tune in” to his testimony, like it’s some kind of “reality show” or something:

    He also hates President Trump and  Tucker Carlson, and he appears to have no issue with the BLM riots that played out for months last summer.

    Mr. Dunn is an activist and a BLM supporter and even raises the “black power” fist.

    Here are some of the disturbing tweets discovered on Mr. Dunn’s social media profile:

    In this tweet, Harry is reaching out to Chrissy Tiegen to mock President Trump during a security threat. Calling the incident “gold.”

    Very strange way. for a police officer to react to a serious threat.

    Here are a series of tweets, and one where he refers to President Trump as the “racist in chief.”

    He also calls himself the “Insurrection Stopper” as if he’s a “superhero” now. Very bizarre behavior.

    In this tweet he calls out Tucker Carlson, saying he “hates” him and then refers to him as an “asshole,” and suggests Tucker is racist.

    In this tweet, Mr. Dunn responds to a Lincoln Project tweet to “caption” what Trump might be saying in a photo. Harry uses this opportunity to again mock President Trump.

    But one of the most damning and disturbing tweets is where Harry shows support for last Summer’s BLM riots.

    The Federalist reported that Harry Dunn, the teary-eyed U.S. Capitol police officer who testified in Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s politicized January 6 committee, previously defended the violent riots that shook the nation last summer and caused billions of dollars in damage.

    In a tweet directed at Fox News’s Tucker Carlson last August, Dunn asked “why is murder an appropriate response to property damage but property damage isn’t an appropriate response to murder?”

    Clearly, this man is an activist cop, and his testimony at this point is useless and should be tossed out.

    But, what’s even more concerning is that this man is tasked with protecting people inside the Capitol, where many “Trump supporters” work – and with having such nasty and strong biases, and a bizarre hero complex – not to mention all the attention that he’s seeking, is it really safe to have Mr. Dunn in that position, with a gun?

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