Gun Violence: Philadelphia Shootout leaves 3 Men wounded

    A shooting on a residential street in the heart of Philadelphia Sunday sent three men to the hospital for gun wounds, according to various local news outlets.

    Around 10:30 p.m., 41 shots were fired on the residential street that hit at least three cars and two homes, Fox 29 Philadelphia reported. The shooting resulted in injuries for two 19-year-old men and another 20-year-old man, who are all reported to be in stable condition.

    Philadelphia police said the bullets were likely from two different guns. They are investigating the incident as a potential shootout, NBC 10 Philadelphia reported.

    Neighbors said the shooting occurred outside a rental home, NBC 10 Philadelphia reported. As of Monday morning, police had not recovered either of the suspected guns or made any arrests.

    It was a violent weekend for Philadelphia, where twenty-five people were shot, including two 11-year-old boys in two different incidents, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. A 16-year-old boy was also shot in one of the shootings that took place in the city, NBC 10 Philadelphia reported.

    Philadelphia elected progressive District Attorney Larry Krasner to a second term in May, despite his history of dismissing crime in the city. He beat the more moderate primary challenger Carlos Vega, who was backed by police, even though the city has seen a rise in crime over the past year.

    Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has previously held bi-weekly briefings on gun violence, which he and other city officials see as the root cause of rising crime and the increased murder rate.

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