Fort Jackson Army Officer Under DOJ Investigation After Assaulting Black Man For Walking In His Neighborhood

    Jonathan Pentland, a drill instructor at Fort Jackson, was arrested for assault and is facing a DOJ investigation after he attacked a black man for walking through his neighborhood.

    Here is the video of the assault:

    The Commanding General at Fort Jackson issued a statement confirming that Jonathan Pentland had been arrested for assault and the DOJ is investigating:

    The video was disgusting in that a young man was assaulted for walking while black.

    The good news for America is that Donald Trump is no longer president, so racists who get off on bullying and assaulting minorities will no longer have a cheerleader and enabler in the highest office of the land.

    It would be nice to believe that this sort of racism was born of Trump and will fade with his departure, but the above video is racism in America. It existed centuries before Donald Trump, but the difference is that somebody like soon to be former Sgt. Pentland may now face federal charges for committing a hate crime.

    When Joe Biden talks about everyone coming together to end racism, the video above is exactly what he is referring to.

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