Florida to Fine Social Media Platforms for Trump Ban

    Republicans in Florida claim to support free speech and big business, but to help dirty Don Trump they are making an exception and lying like pigs in the process.

    Although they claim otherwise, Florida Republicans are moving legislation along at a rapid pace that will impose a daily $250,000 fine on social media platforms that ban politicians (Trump) from using their services. Of course this is a means of getting dastardly Don Trump back on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter so he can continue lying and inciting his vile base to bloodshed and misadventure against the legal government of the United States.

    It is reported that the legislation was pushed by Florida Governor DeSantis to, according to him, advance  “ his crusade to take big tech companies to task for action that discriminates against conservatives.” DeSantis is embracing a common religious right posture that everybody is out to get them because they can’t legally do whatever they want.

    The legislation in question proposes a daily fine of $250,000 on social media outlets that silence politicians (Trump) citing First Amendment rights – as if the only means of exercising free speech for Trump is on Facebook and Twitter.

    DeSantis is going after Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter for what he claims is “Orwellian media collusion to censor conservatives.” Of course that is a gigantic pile of male bovine excrement.

    AP reported that House Bill 7013 was filed shortly after Twitter, a private business, permanently suspended Trump’s Twitter account after his acolytes descended on the U.S. Capitol in a failed, but deadly, coup d’etat to keep Trump as king. Twitter was fearful that allowing Trump to continue violating their terms of service would incite more violence against  anyone in government who fails to support Trump.

    One of the co-sponsors of the bill, some malcontent Republican named Blaise Ingoglia told the Associated Press “Let’s send a message to these Big Tech monopolies that Florida will no longer stand for their shenanigans;” even though those so-called “shenanigans” are completely legal actions by private businesses that are terrified a maniac like Trump will set his followers on the government again. Ingoglia is a liar.

    However, lying precisely like their fallen demigod Trump, Republicans and DeSantis claim the legislation has nothing whatsoever to do with Trump.

    Representative John Snyder claimed the focus of the legislation is “protecting Florida’s 22 million residents and their First Amendment rights.” He is lying like terrible Trump and added that:

    This bill is about sending a loud message to Silicon Valley that they are not the absolute arbiters of truth.

    That is an interesting comment. Especially when Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google sat idly by while Trump issued hourly lies before and after the election that culminated with him ordering his insurrectionist army to storm the Capitol and stop the government from doing its business so Trump could stay in power.

    The interesting aspect of this fascist action is that Republicans religiously claim business can never be touched by government regulations or sanctions – and they too have the right of free speech. Republicans subscribe to the laissez-faire economic model that effectively means “hands off private businesses.

    The big tech companies vehemently oppose the bill because it “penalizes social media platforms for removing harmful content” according to NetChoice, the trade association for internet businesses. The chief executive for NetChoice, Steve DelBianco, stated:

    The First Amendment makes clear that government may not regulate the speech of private individuals or businesses. This includes government action that compels speech by forcing a private social media platform to carry content that is against its policies or preferences.”

    Mr. DelBianco’s statement really sums up why this atrocious Republican legislation will never stand. Trump or any of his dirty lying fascist instigators are compelled to adhere to the terms of service of Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter no matter what incites the private businesses to ban the traitor from their platforms.

    This fascist action has nothing to do with protecting 22-million Floridians’ free speech or punishing social media platforms for attempting to be the “absolute arbiters of truth.” For dog’s sake, Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube allowed Trump to spread falsehoods for five years at the same rate most human beings empty their bladders on a daily basis.  And, it is not like Trump is being muzzled like an aggressive dog; although one would support that action in a Planck second. There are numerous private businesses and media outlets for Trump to spread his lies and incite another insurrection against the United States, but it would mean doing so in more than 140 characters.

    The only way this could be more fascist is if Republicans sent an armed battalion into the big tech private businesses and forced them to allow Trump to continue doing his worst to destroy America on their platforms.

    Florida Republicans, and particularly the Trump sycophant DeSantis, are dirty lying liars for saying they are not pushing this fascist legislation to aid Trump,, because he is the only traitor who is still apoplectic over losing his social media megaphone to incite his followers to all manner of atrocities.

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