Ed McGinty:Trump Hater who’s lost his last marble

    People have lost their damn minds.

    TDS should be studied by medical professionals because it has completely turned otherwise “normal” folks into stark-raving mad lunatics.

    I dunno, maybe these TDS loons were always destined to be nutjobs, who knows?

    But here we are, once again, with another insane Trump Hater who’s lost his last marble and turned himself into a societal outcast.

    This one is living in The Villages in Florida, of all places.

    I saw this man’s post on Twitter, and read it, thinking, “My God, this can’t be real, can it?”

    So I went and looked at his Twitter page, and my lord, this guy doesn’t just have Stage 5 TDS, he has Stage 500 TDS.

    His name is Ed McGinty and this is the golf cart he drives around in at The Villages:

    So, apparently, Ed McGinty was angry that a woman at The Villages was wearing a “Biden Sucks” red t-shirt in the public pool.

    According to his tweet, he told her to take her “shirt off” or he would take a photo and send it to her grandchildren – why would that matter? And why is Ed asking women to take their clothes off?

    See, I told you, poor Ed has lost his damn mind.

    Look at this tweet I found on his timeline:

    Other folks in the pool complained about Ed, and eventually, the police got involved, and Ed was the one banned from the pool.

    Ha ha ha ha.

    What an epic backfire that plan was, I love it when a story comes together and has a happy ending.

    Here’s what Ed says happened: “The woman in Red her shirt reads Biden Sucks. I protested verbally that she take it off or I would take a picture and post it so her grandchildren would see it. The six trump supporters complained and the police banned me from the pool”

    Here are some of the comments Ed received on his crazy tweet:

    “Why do people tweet things that make them look like complete assholes?”

    “People with severe TDS have poor impulse control. He can’t help looking like an idiot because he is an idiot.”

    “You asked a woman to take off her clothes, yelled at her when she wouldn’t, and took unwanted pictures of her in a pool. And you’re confused why the pool banned you ?”

    “So basically you sexually harassed some old lady because “muh politics””

    “yeah, you arent allowed to harass women into taking their clothes off for you. its very illegal.”

    “So you “protested” at a woman to take her shirt off and then posted a photograph of her to the internet to try and make her look like the bad guy. All of this when you got banned from the pool for being a creep. Does it hurt to be this painfully unaware?”

    “You…photographed a woman in a pool and yelled at her to take off her shirt? And you’re wondering why you got banned?”

    “A story with a happy ending.”

    Ed is a ticking timebomb. He’s a complete and total nutcase, who doesn’t realize that what he’s doing isn’t “normal” behavior, by anyone’s standards.

    But the scary part about all of this is that there are a ton of “Eds” running around the country right now, thanks to TDS, which is a much scarier “disease” than anything China can whip up in a laboratory.

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