Don’t Celebrate Abortion Providers, They Certainly Are Not Essential Heroes

    Sign on a Planned Parenthood building in New York in 2015. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

    Today I saw an abortion-clinic escort dancing outside Planned Parenthood in Lower Manhattan. She couldn’t keep still, she seemed so thrilled to be making sure no one talks to a sidewalk counselor who might let them know about options other than abortion for an unplanned pregnancy. (One of the other escorts interrupted a pro-lifer simply talking — and sharing Sisters of Life resource information — to a woman standing by herself, looking despondent.) Yesterday, I saw a woman in absolute misery as she left the clinic, sitting on the curb crying. Abortion is not something to celebrate. And yet, today is National Abortion Provider’s Day, and Twitter has a hashtag celebrating them.

    I’m not going to link to some of the tweets, as to not give them more clicks, but suffice it to say that they include descriptions of doctors who perform abortions as among the essential workers of the pandemic. No, sorry, essential workers safe lives, they don’t end them. Other tweets for this day contend that “Abortions save lives.” The National Women’s Law Center again tweets: “Throughout the pandemic, abortion providers have been on the front-lines providing essential and compassionate health care to their patients. Today, we send them love and gratitude as we #CelebrateAbortionProviders” There’s actually a little heart emoji on the end of that one, too. Planned Parenthood of Ohio says they are “heroes” and highlights a woman with a handwritten sign declaring that “providing abortion care is an act of love.” Another says that “Abortion is health care + a social good,” and shares a graphic that says “Abortion Providers Help People Bloom.” After one is eliminated.

    And look at NARAL Pro-Choice America, formerly the National Abortion Rights Action League:

    Now we care about medically unnecessary restrictions? Feel that strongly about the freedom of religion?

    Oh, and another heart, in another tweet from them:

    And, okay, I’m going to show you this one, too, because it’s unintentionally honest. When I stand outside Planned Parenthood praying, the majority of the girls going in are black. Everyone with a black lives matter sign ought to consider the implications of your lawn statement: Maybe we shouldn’t as a culture be driving black girls and women toward abortions?


    The day is in response to the murder of Dr. David Gunn outside his Florida clinic. (I once angered a crowd on a panel at Lincoln Center for using the word “murdered” in regard to George Tiller, who famously provided late-term abortions, who was chillingly killed in his Kansas church instead of “assassinated” — I meant nothing by it, and actually Joe Conason graciously came to my rescue, as it was quite obvious to him that I was adamant that it was abhorrent.) It is possible to believe that murdering a man is wrong and so is an unborn child. Women deserve better than abortion, and it is a shame to celebrate doctors who choose to do harm.

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