DHS:1,719 Haitians expelled back to Haiti

This morning, DHS confirmed to a Fox News reporter in Del Rio that the number of Haitians expelled back to Haiti is 1,719. The numbers of Haitian migrants housed under the Del Rio International Bridge on the southern border continue to be a mystery to anyone paying attention to the Biden border crisis. We are doing just that here on this site, paying attention, and there is no end in sight. To say that this administration has been less than transparent is an understatement.

Bill Melugin, a Fox News reporter, has been a constant source of information on the Biden border crisis for months. He was literally the only national reporter covering the flood of migrants crossing the Rio Grande River at the Del Rio point of entry, the International Bridge, as well as those who are just wading and swimming across the Rio Grande River to come ashore, for weeks. When the explosion of Haitian migrants began arriving, he switched his focus on the big story – the thousands of Haitian migrants have so overwhelmed Del Rio, a city of 35,000 residents, that the Border Patrol began housing them under the bridge. Today he was tossed a bone by DHS and told that the number of Haitians flown back to Haiti so far is 1,719. That is a far cry from the 15,000 estimated to have been under the bridge last weekend.

Then, as I began writing this post, the number changed. Unbelievable. Literally. The number is actually lower than the 1,719 confirmed just a couple of hours ago.

The numbers being reported are not adding up. DHS announced the agency chartered planes to fly the migrants back to Haiti. The small number of planes alleged to be used in the expulsions mean that it will probably take weeks to accomplish that task. However, as we are slowly learning now, most of the migrants are not, in fact, being flown back. They are being flown to other states away from the border or else they are being bused to other locations here in the U.S. Team Biden is lying to us all.

So, if only 1,401 have been flown back to Haiti, that leaves thousands of migrants unaccounted for by the administration – at least unaccounted for to the American public. Where are they? Does anyone seriously believe that they will be expelled under Title 42? The Biden administration has fought tooth and nail against using that policy though they have continued to use it to some extent. And the administration is now under court order to keep the policy in use.

There is an odd tweet about migrants tearing up their documentation before being apprehended by Border Patrol, too. Why are they doing that? Is someone telling them to do it? Perhaps they think if they have no id then it will be impossible to expel them. Nothing about the Biden border crisis makes sense. It is all so crazy that everything must be intentional on the part of the administration.

The Catch and Release policy is how most of the Biden border crisis is being handled. In this case, they are dropped off at a gas station in the Del Rio area.

Democrats and the administration are creating distractions to take the focus off the Haitian migrants. Whipgate is the most ridiculous of the distractions. DHS says it will investigate the completely fabricated story that Border Patrol agents in the Horse Calgary are using whips on Haitians to maintain control. This is hugely insulting to the professional Border Patrol agents and should have never been given any credibility at all. In Texas, horses are used where it makes sense to do so. Many areas are not accessible to vehicles. For crowd control, like under that bridge, horses are more practical to use, especially to stop those wading across the Rio Grande River. Yesterday, Rep. Maxine Waters accused Border Patrol of using whips and claimed it was worse than the days of slavery. This is unacceptable and she should be held accountable for her language, meant to incite outrage. Horse reins are not whips.

There is not any routine COVID testing on the migrants. There are medical facilities available for those who need them.

I heard Jen Psaki say during today’s White House press briefing that the administration is “horrified by photos of the Border Patrol officers and that behavior” when asked about Maxine Waters’ slavery reference to the alleged beatings with whips to the Haitians. This White House does not support law enforcement at the border and chooses to believe false narratives spread on social media by Democrats and the proponents of open borders. It is shameful. No wonder morale is at all-time low levels among those people working on the southern border. The Biden administration is openly working to discredit them and turn the American public against them.

So, why did DHS confirm a higher number to Fox News this morning only to have to correct it to the 1,401 that Jazz reported in his post this morning? It looks like the confusion is deliberate. This administration has no real plan to secure the border. They want open borders. DHS has to be held accountable. DHS knows the real numbers and they don’t want anyone else to know. It proves what a failure Biden’s policies on migration and illegal immigration are. He’s too stubborn to change course now. In the meantime, no one should believe anything this administration says. There are about 3,800 left in the camp under the bridge, down from 15,000. About 3,200 are in the removal process, though no real process is being explained to reporters, and that leaves about 5,000 still unaccounted for from the Del Rio Sector. None of the numbers add up. Just this morning, Jen Psaki argued that “the border is closed.” Unbelievable.

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