COVID: Texas Reports Zero Deaths

    Just a short time ago, President Joe Biden said that removing COVID restrictions across the country was Neanderthal thinking. Now, states accused of being “Neanderthals” in their thinking appear to be the actual winners.

    On Sunday, Texas reported zero COVID deaths for the first time in 13 months. The state also reported the fewest cases, fewest hospitalizations, and lowest 7-day positivity rate ever. It shows that the decision to remove COVID restrictions did not hurt the state as Joe Biden and the radical left said it would.

    COVID-19 infection rates continue to plummet across the country as more states relax restrictions. The CDC has relaxed mask requirements and there are multiple government officials, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, who say that the US cannot let down its guard. They claim that another spike in cases could happen at any point.

    But those claims do not appear to be a concern given the data coming out of states who have reopened and removed restrictions. In those states, including Texas and Florida, cases are not rising and those feared outbreaks are not occurring. It’s another great example of the fearmongering of the radical left. Florida continues to see cases fall. The cases falling seem to not be tied at all to the restrictive measures that the “experts” claimed we needed.

    Which would explain why states that decided to continue restrictions are also seeing cases fall. This coronavirus is acting just like what it was, a virus. Except the “experts” do not want to talk about herd immunity, which it seems that the US is quickly approaching.

    From the beginning, Dr. Fauci and the radical left have pushed the fear of the coronavirus to Americans. They have forced the closure of businesses, forced Americans into compliance, and caused suffering for countless people. It killed the economy, but not as we might think. It didn’t force people out of jobs because business dropped. It’s actually quite the opposite.

    Businesses across the country continue to struggle to find workers, as the Democrats argue that workers are struggling due to the economy. Signs claiming “now hiring” can be found all across the country while Democrats continue to argue that more unemployment assistance is needed. They argue that unemployment assistance is needed through the end of the year. It’s more liberal fearmongering.

    Dr. Fauci, the radical left, and the mainstream media coordinated one of the greatest attacks on American citizens with this coronavirus pandemic. I’m not suggesting that they are responsible for the coronavirus, as they have tried to suggest with former President Donald Trump. They are responsible for the coordinated effort to destroy the United States amid a coronavirus pandemic. A pandemic that never needed ridiculous shutdowns, stay-home orders, business restrictions, or anything else.

    Now, everyday Americans are left again with the task of cleaning up the mess created and left by their politicians. Rather than following the “science” and ending unemployment aid, housing aid, and free handouts, the radical left will continue their march toward socialism under the banner of a virus with a 99.8% survivability rate.

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