China to Build Naval Base on Africa

    China is seeking to build a military base on the western coast of Africa, its first permanent military presence on the Atlantic Ocean.

    The Communist Chinese are in negotiations to establish a base in Equatorial Guinea. These negotiations set off alarms in the Biden administration and at the Defense Department.

    Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Monday the administration “has made clear” to Equatorial Guinea’s leaders that “certain potential steps involving the [People’s Republic of China] and the PRC’s activities there would raise national security concerns for us, and we’ve been — the administration has been clear about that.”

    Gen. Stephen Townsend, the commander of US Africa Command, testified before the Senate in April that “the most significant threat” from China would be “a militarily useful naval facility on the Atlantic coast of Africa;” a port where the Communist Chinese navy could rearm with munitions and repair naval vessels.

    In an effort to sway Equatorial Guinean leaders, the United States offered aid to the country last March following an ammunition exposition that killed at least 100 people and leveled an army base.

    US intelligence agencies have been aware of China’s efforts to obtain a base on the African continent since 2019.

    China has “ likely considered ” a number of African nations for overseas bases, including Kenya, Seychelles, Tanzania, and Angola, according to a Defense Department report released last month.

    Why This Is Important

    It is unconscionable that anyone in the federal government is still believing the United States can have a “business as usual” relationship with the Communist Chinese.

    At every turn and from every vantage point, the Communist Chinese have taken overly aggressive positions against the United States and have openly declared that they seek to displace the United States from any and all dominant positions around the world, from economic to military to cultural.

    For decades the Communist Chinese have executed corporate and military espionage against the United States, even as they have attempted to manipulate our society and culture.

    They have disingenuously manipulated their currency and are now actively courting the World Economic Forum and the International Monetary Fund to replace the world economic model from one of free-market capitalism to their special brand of Communist-based, centrally controlled stakeholder capitalism.

    They have underhandedly courted Brazil, India, Russia, and South Africa (the latter of which possess the world’s largest gold deposits) to usurp the US dollar as the world reserve currency in favor of a new currency, based on a new financial vehicle tethered to gold.

    Yet the inept and clueless Biden administration just keeps plodding along as if the world is a Utopian garden, even as its transformative handlers – helmed by the likes of Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, and Susan Rice, along with the total of Obama 2.0 – aid and abet the Communist Chinese aggression against the United States and the free world.

    We are at a very dangerous time in the history of the United States, one at which the very future of the Republic is in question. And we are saddled with a corrupt politician as a puppet President and a kneepad-wearing affirmative action hire as Vice President, both of which have no business stewarding our nation during such critical times.

    If you voted for Biden-Harris, it is time to start examining what the hell you were thinking. Then start apologizing to your children. The coin is in the air as to whether they won’t end their lives in a country under the Communist Chinese thumb.

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