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    Child Abuse: Why is Dr. Jill Biden promoting Critical Race Theory on Sesame Street?

    Jill Biden made an appearance on Sesame Street to push “race literacy” to little children.

    They are promoting this as something to help military families — because who could possibly speak out against a program for military families?

    This is the wickedness of the left — disguising their divisive agenda behind children’s programs.

    Sesame Street never had beautiful Melania Trump on their show.

    IBTimes reported:

    Dr. Jill Biden will appear on “Sesame Street” to help military families discuss kindness, fairness, and race with their kids.

    Biden will appear alongside the turquoise muppet Rosita, who is a bilingual Mexican-American from a military family. With the exception of Melania Trump, every first lady since Barbara Bush has appeared on “Sesame Street.”

    In a new clip of the conversation, Rosita tells Biden she is working on a project to celebrate how her military family makes her unique and gushes about becoming an “upstander.”…

    …“In a military kid’s world, it’s common to see people of all races and backgrounds living, working, and playing together. Military parents and caregivers can help their children become good citizens of the world by using that unique opportunity to talk openly about racism and celebrate who they are inside and out.”

    The new Coming Together initiative presents families with the opportunity to talk openly about race and celebrate everything about themselves.

    The initiative also offers a variety of resources, including printable activities, articles for adults, professional development materials, and more.

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