California School District Hosts LGBTQ Club for 4-Year-Olds

    A California school district is hosting a LGBTQ club for kids as young as 4-years-old, according to the school website.

    Los Angeles Unified School District kicked off its first “Rainbow Club” meeting of the year on Wednesday, a club targeting LGBTQ elementary school students, according to the school’s website. The club, aimed at students as young as transitional kindergarten and their “loved ones,” is offered districtwide with a virtual option available.

    The club meets each week for an hour over a 10-week period, the website stated. For 15 minutes before each meeting, parents and “other interested adults” are allowed to come ask questions about the group.

    Out Safe Schools, a group that works to train “administrators and school staff to be visible LGBTQIA+ allies,” is promoted on the poster for the event.

    On Sept. 22, the school district’s human relations and diversity and equity department is hosting an informational meeting about the club for teachers, featuring a panel of Rainbow Club leaders, according to the school website. Attendees will be given a “starter kit” for beginning their own “Rainbow Club.”

    The school has also created “Queer All School Year,” which features different pride themes throughout the year. August was aimed at “supporting students in starting a Gay Straight Alliance Club or Rainbow Club” and September focuses on “prep for next month’s solidarity week and teach LGBT-inclusive curriculum all year long.”

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