Biden To Beef Up The IRS

    President Biden is looking to raise $700 billion over ten years by investing $80 billion in the IRS to go after real estate partnerships that dodge taxes like Trump.

    According to The New York Times:, “The additional money and enforcement power will accompany new disclosure requirements for people who own businesses that are not organized as corporations — like many law firms and real estate partnerships — and for other high-earners who could be hiding income from the government. Mr. Biden’s goal is to raise hundreds of billions of dollars to pay for child care, education and other programs while making it harder for high-earning Americans to evade or avoid taxes.”

    Going back generations, the Trump family has used their real estate business to dodge taxes. It is exactly this sort of behavior that Biden is looking to crack down on to get people like Donald Trump to pay their fair share of taxes.

    Now it is clear why Donald Trump has always been so afraid of Joe Biden. President Biden is out to stop con men and women like Trump and his kids from cheating the system.

    The former president already has a whole world of legal problems, and if President Biden gets his latest plan passed, the bill will finally come due for those who avoided paying their fair share.

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