Biden Poised For Massive Success As 2021 Economic Growth Expected To Smash Trump’s Economy

    Goldman Sachs projects that half of Americans will be vaccinated by May and that economic growth for 2021 will hit 7%.

    Goldman Sachs has a good projection for Biden:

    Forget building the greatest economy in history, Trump failed to sustain the economic growth that began under Obama.

    Trump’s GDP never broke 3%, and his presidency ended at an estimated – 3.7%. If Biden hits 7% in 2021, he will nearly triple Trump’s three-year average before the pandemic, and he will more than triple Trump’s 2020 plummet.

    Joe Biden is set to have the economy take off under his watch because his American Rescue Plan is exactly what both liberal and conservative economists say that the economy needs. While Trump blew up the national debt and saddled the economy with an anchor that will last for decades, President Biden and the Democrats are in a fantastic position to bring prosperity back to the American people and fulfill Joe Biden’s promise to build back batter.

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