Biden DOJ Might Sue Georgia Over New Voter Suppression Laws

    DOJ officials would only say that they are looking at the new Georgia voter suppression law, it is possible that they could sue the state.

    The DOJ officially said:

    The options for the DOJ including filing their own lawsuit or joining an existing civil rights lawsuit. It is almost a given that once the DOJ completes their review of the new Georgia laws, there will be some sort of action.

    Former Sen. Al Franken is predicting that the Georgia law is so bad that Democrats in the Senate will come together to pass some form of the For The People Act, and while Chuck Schumer has a strategy to change the filibuster by showing Democrats that Republicans will never work with them on voting rights, it may take a multi-pronged movement to get the Georgia Jim Crow 2.0 struck down.

    Attorney General Garland has a chance to take the DOJ in a direction that matches President Biden’s vision for both the nation and the role of government. Garland doesn’t need to wait for Congress to act. He can get the DOJ involved and sue the state of Georgia to protect voting rights.

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