Bet George Conway Instantly Regretted Posting This Selfie Of Him And Ilhan Omar Nuzzled Together

    Before they were basically banished for being pedophile enablers, The Lincoln Project tried to tell everyone that they were “principled Republicans” who just didn’t like Trump… other than that, these were supposedly hardcore conservatives, who were fighting for the credibility of the GOP, bla bla bla.

    What a laugh that was, right?

    A couple of years later, these balding, overweight grifters are cheering on Biden and every left-wing commie that comes down the pike.

    Just look at that little worm George Conway – this man has Stage 5 TDS, all because he didn’t get a position in Trump’s cabinet like he thought he would.

    So, he went full “bunny boiler” crazy, seeking revenge on President Trump, and humiliated his wife, Kellyanne, one of Trump’s top aides, in the process.

    And don’t get me started on what an emotional and confusing mess his poor daughter turned out to be.

    But the bottom line is this — these so-called “men” were never conservatives or Republicans. They were always globalist grifters and when they saw that President Trump had changed the direction of the party, and realized their globalist grift was over, they freaked out.

    After all, does THIS look like a “conservative” to you?

    This is a photo George posted, of him and Ilhan Omar nuzzled together… two people who clearly hate America, putting their giant heads together…

    I am sure Beet-face George regretted posting this photo pretty quickly; because the backlash was intense and fast.

    Here’s what people online had to say:

    “Cancer and Aids have joined forces”

    “International brother marrying contest finalists, 2022 colorized. Good luck with the 15 heart attacks, George.”

    “Looks like Martin Short if he was playing an obese bald guy on the verge of cardiac arrest. The other one just pretending not to be an assh0le.”

    “Lincoln project groomer perv with anti American … sounds about par for the course with the groomercrat party”

    “Dang, you’re actually posting this pic? Did you not get a good look at it? You look like a tomato that’s about to burst, dude” 

    “50 Shades of Clown Red” 

    “More chins than a Chinese phone book.”

    “Suddenly craving hog jowls for some reason”

    “Christ, this man is a grifting piece of sh*t”

    “It was never about Trump. He’s a Democrat.”

    “Why does it look like he ate a bunch of bees”

    “Jesus George you look like sh*t. Get healthy for your family, you selfish SOB” 

    “If Boss Hogg and a lobster had a baby, it would be this guy…”

    “the perfect pic of two of the most pathetic, corrupt and disgusting leftist and USA haters”

    “He looks like his face is about to explode” 

    Clearly, nobody is ready for The George Conway and Ilhan Omar Project.

    Let’s hope they don’t go there, we don’t need to swap out pedophilia for incest, for the love of gawd.

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